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  • Developers Briefing #12

    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!

    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.
    We have received a lot of feedback from users in the game. And because of this, we will be giving you answers first.
    Many attempts have been made have a new look for Reloaded compared to the previous Combat Arms.
    However, we know that some of the features of Combat Arms have been lost due to the adverse effects of these attempts.
    But I don't think that the only solution is to get back to the previous Combat Arms system.
    We believe that the development by adding new and better features to the game is correct.

    I'm sure you're not feeling well because we can't say clearly, but let's give a brief explanation.
    The level will be used as a value to limit the new elements that will be added in the future.
    Items have expanded functional limits with the enhancement system being applied.

    Clan Match is scheduled for the second half of the year to make it a more comfortable and meaningful match.
    Although the special character status is finished yet, we will implement a system that has its own unique capabilities and will have a unique characteristic for each character.

    As a way to strengthen the community, you can invite users from the same Zone, even if they are not friends. We will show our own CGS-based ranking among friends, which will lead to more interesting competition.

    There were also feedbacks on how you felt uncomfortable about EM / SEM's ability to send off people from the room.
    In fact, this is a controversial issue that has been going on since the past, and we were very careful when we applied it to Reloaded. Therefore, we have released the ability to send someone off from the game without limit, as a lower function, compared to previous times.

    In this context, the more controversial issue of being send-off the game is the inability to get any reward when they send somebody out of the game. In the future, even if you are being sent-off in the middle of the game, we will be developing the game in order to get the reward that you are entitled to.

    The answers of feedbacks were rather long. Let me briefly share information about development status.
    The Permanent Item Enhancement System, I mentioned in the previous briefing has been applied to patches on April 10.
    Due to various reasons, the application of this system in the game is a bit delayed. Thank you for your understanding.
    Now, our development team is planning to develop a new PVP mode at the end of May.
    We are working hard to make it an enjoyable mode, so please look forward to it.
    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.

    Thank you.

    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    The use of EM or SEM is indeed controversial. But when the ability's where not there some players saw opportunities to hack 'the world around'. Other players took the chance to dirty mouthing
    and unpleasant language without any consequence. And even now there are players with scores and 'skills' which are to good to be true. So in a way the send-off ability is a good thing but has to be used with great care and responsibility.


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      Originally posted by iwillkickyou View Post
      We believe that the development by adding new and better features to the game is correct.
      Define "new and better", while I do agree that the enhancement system is a good way of dealing with duplicates it's something only whales can properly make use of it as normal guns can't be upgraded and you guys prettly much never put up GP perm sales for rare guns and gear (the last one was the Red Hawk / Warcorp DSR-1 Tactical sale over a year ago on the first of april 2018).

      You want to make "special characters" more unique? Great, I love this idea but what is this? They're all at least rare and none of them are sold for GP perm so it's going to be another P2W feature for those who want to throw money at some loot boxes. Question: how am I supposed to recommend this game to anyone if pretty much everything you come up with is heavily geared towards pay to win?

      And don't point you finger at your events, they're really bad and unrewarding (for the most part). That's the one thing I have to give to Nexon, their events were generally pretty decent. You got perm rare weapons at the end of a 30 day login event, their other events were at least reasonably doable ("get X amount of kills with an event weapon to get a permanent version of it" vs. Valofes horrible "play for X amount of time to get exchange materials but only matches which are longer than 10 minutes actually count for the event so have fun not getting anything most of the time").

      "New and better features" sounds nice but I have yet to see anything that actually fits this description and I don't want to be negative all the time but one can count the amount of positive things you guys do (per year) on two hands and that's not even an exaggeration. Speaking of which:

      Originally posted by iwillkickyou View Post
      In the future, even if you are being sent-off in the middle of the game, we will be developing the game in order to get the reward that you are entitled to.
      This might be long overdue but it is still a much needed change. Good job for finally tackling this issue, now implement a proper kill cam that shows us how we got killed from the enemies perspective and we can reduce the number of hackusations to a somewhat bearable level.