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  • Developers Briefing #14

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    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!
    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.

    Various events were held in June to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Reloaded. In June 26th patch, Observer mode function and Total Gear stat UI were applied. The Observer mode, which provides free camera support, allows up to 10 people to watch in each room.
    The total gear stats UI is designed to show the full potential of all the gear that you equipped and can only be seen by yourself, and the important stats figure on the Gear stats UI is always displayed. Other stats can also be seen by clicking the button on the UI.

    On the other hand, I know that some feedbacks from users that they ask for increasing the speed of characters or capability of firearms.
    However, I would like you to understand that it is not easy to modify the balance related part. Because it requires a lot of verification and careful approach.
    For your information, the character speed section will be supplemented to a certain extent by the character skills that will be developed in the future.

    Currently, the development team was developing a Multi-Loadout system since last month.
    In addition, we are preparing the achievement system and a product recommendation system with the aim of applying them at the end of July.
    As you would imagine, the achievement system will make battles and many other things more meaningful.
    The product recommendation system is a feature which allows you to "Like" each product or cancel it again.
    For each product you will be able to indirectly give and receive an opinion about the product. This is done by the number of "Like" votes of the players.

    Finally, we apologize to all users who could not connect or can connect but having problems with connection due to launcher and messenger replacement issue.
    We are trying to provide a better environment, but it seems that there is always a shortage.
    We would like to thank you again for giving us feedback and we look forward to your continued support.

    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.

    Thank you.

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    Originally posted by vTomatoes View Post
    character skills that will be developed in the future
    Does this include base and common characters as well (e.g. the ingame description of Command Sergeant Major Katrina mentions her being a sniper so she should get abilities to reflect that) or is this just to make the already overpowered rare / epic characters even stronger?
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