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    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!
    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.

    As I mentioned in the last briefing, a fairly large clan update was made with the patch on July 8th.
    First, the clan function that was being processed through the web was re-implemented with internal logic, so that all functions are processed in real-time without re-logging.
    In addition, the home and clan screens have been merged into one. We have improved the UI so that players without a clan see the existing home screen and players with a clan see the clan screen. Further, the process of approving with ‘Clan Invitation’ has been simplified. Unlike the previous process, players can now immediately join the clan.

    However, the improvement to activate the clan does not stop here.
    First, as a purely clan reward, all clan members who log in today will be rewarded based on the number of clan members who logged in yesterday.
    Second, clans may occupy every region during the world conquest that begins on July 15th, and there will be rewards accordingly.
    We think that these improvements can activate the clans.

    Meanwhile, the 'Alien Appearance Event' will be held for two weeks starting with July 15th.
    It is an event. The character of a player is changed to an alien with higher stats in a low probability in some modes.
    There are separate rewards for alien users that killing normal users, and better rewards for normal users that killing alien users.
    I'm a bit concerned about the balance issue, but I would like to think of it as a fun event and please enjoy it.

    Lastly, I would like to ask for a little understanding.
    Unfortunately, the development of 'Boss War' and 'Custom Room Title' is being delayed due to development priorities.
    Fortunately, the 'Custom Room Title' is currently under development, but the 'Boss War' is expected to require some more time.
    We are working hard to overcome various problems that we are struggling with, so we ask for your continued interest and consideration^^

    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.
    Thank you.
    Combat Arms & Black Squad Operation Team