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Patch Notes 2020.10.28 [Halloween Celebration]

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  • Patch Notes 2020.10.28 [Halloween Celebration]

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    1. Server Stability
    2. Maintenance Downtime Compensation
    a. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 2020.10.28 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    b. Basic Weapon Mystery Box Type B
    c. Basic Gear Mystery Box Type B
    NOTE: MA Compensation can only be obtained on the day of MA after the servers are opened

    3. New Item Release
    Attention Rangers!

    Training hard and training right, surely will step up your game. But honestly, to be the best sometimes is very literal. Meet the newest member of the corps, Brandon the Combat Master. Make your ranger as good or even better as Brandon and ruffle stomp your foes with ease.

    Brandon is a combat specialist that has an active skill which grants the perk where the equipped weapon doesn’t use its loaded ammunition for a short period when activated. Turn the tide of battle in your favor and decide the outcome of an engagement when used decisively.

    Combat Master Package Sale
    (Sale Period: 10.28.2020 ~ 11.03.2020)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	combat-master-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	103.3 KB ID:	24561
    a. Combat Master Brandon
    b. Combat Master Helmet
    c. Combat Master Mask
    d. Combat Master Backpack
    • NOTE:
      • The new character Combat Master Brandon has an active skill that allows the equipped weapon to not consume bullets for a certain amount of time while active.
      • When all “Combat Master” gear are equipped. Playing any game mode will grant the bonus drop of rare metals (Available up until 11.24.2020)

    Other items that will come with sale of Brandon, the Combat Master, will truly call out your battle instinct.
    (Sale Period: 10.28.2020 ~ 11.24.2020)
    • a. Combat Master Mystery Box 1pc.
    • b. Combat Master Mystery Box (4+1) pcs.
    • c. Combat Master Mystery Box 10pcs.
      • NOTE: Note: If you buy the 10 pcs. package, 1 permanent item is guaranteed.

    4. Attention: Safety Locks Released
    Attention Rangers!

    The battles ahead will be fiercer and more unforgiving! HQ has granted access to higher enhancement levels on your gear. We expect nothing less from the finest! Max-up your gear and suit up!

    The maximum enhancement level of Character has been raised by 2 levels.
    • Common: +3 (Skill LV max. 4)
    • Rare: +4 (Skill LV max. 5)
    • Epic: +5 (Skill LV max. 6)
    • Legendary: +6 (Skill LV max. 7)
    • All characters will receive a double skill experience bonus (until November 24th).
    • Character Enhancement GP cost is 0 (until November 24th)

    5. Halloween Events
    Stand fast Soldier!

    You ain’t trick or treat’in this Halloween, Soldier. Coz, we got the treats, so show us your tricks!
    You are elite! Hoo~aah!

    a. Treat: Halloween 100% EXP and GP Boost
    Event Period (10/28 ~ 11/03)
    We gone this far reading the packet, so we’ll throw in some more. We are raising the gain a top the gain. Earn more EXP and GP, while enjoying the Halloween season. Get 100% EXP and GP boost as rewards for simply playing.

    b. Treat: Halloween Metal Giveaway
    Event Period (10/28 ~ 11/03)

    We ain’t stopping yet. We are dropping in more candy for your basket, well, in the form of Halloween Metals.
    You need to collect these Halloween Metals and exchange them for very special items on the Halloween Tab of the Exchange Shop.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Halloween Exchange (2).png Views:	0 Size:	5.2 KB ID:	24566

    But there’s a catch! What’s the catch you might ask?! You’ll only be able to obtain these Halloween Metals by spending 2 minutes of gameplay in any game mode. This means the more time you play, the more metals you’ll earn. It’s really that simple.

    c. Trick: Pumpkin Head Invasion
    Event Period (10/28 ~ 11/03)
    Code Red! This is not a drill.

    Perimeter monitoring systems picked up large hordes of “pumpkin”-headed hostiles heading this way!
    Suit up and take them all out.
    Eliminate all hostiles, Pumpkin-headed or none-Pumpkin head in Fireteam modes. Take special notice on the Pumpkin-headed zombies in the Quarantine areas as they might bring in something nasty.

    d. Halloween Sales
    Sale Period (10.28.2020 ~ 11.17.2020)
    • Don’t forget to treat yourself with some of our scrumptious offerings that we specially prepared for you. Offerings you might ask? We living with the feel of the season by slashing our Shop prices and giving out big discounts. Check them below then head on over to Shop to grab’em goodies!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Halloween Sale.png Views:	0 Size:	36.1 KB ID:	24562
    Join in and have fun with our Halloween events. No tricks, just treats!

    6. EXP Accumulation Event

    Attention Rangers!
    HQ is tracking your operations in your deployments and is sending you aid throughout the way. Accumulate experience and receive a haul of rewards while at it.
    Godspeed Rangers! Hoo~ah!
    Eligibility: All players: No Rank Restrictions.
    Requirement: Play on all available Game Modes and earn EXP.
    Duration: (Period: 10.28.2020 ~ 11.10.2020)

    7. Premium Items Updated

    Ol’man Bubba pulled out some interesting trinkets out of the crates and are available for you. Check out the new pool of items on the Premium items tab.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Nov Prem.png Views:	0 Size:	17.7 KB ID:	24563

    8. One Closes, Another One Begins!
    As the bookend another fantastic season of skirmishes against good friends and bitter rivals. We are proud to announce that a new season of Clan War has begun.
    We extend our gratitude to that valiantly participated in the recently concluded Clan War Season. We have already sent our couriers to deliver the fruits of your hard work to your respective INBOX.

    The new Clan War Season will open on 10.28.2020 and concludes on 11.24.2020

    See you in Combat!


    9. November Daily Jobs, Attendance, Hot Time Bonus and EXP/GP Events
    Attention Rangers!

    New assignments and directives have been sent out. Check your debrief pack before you proceed with the operation. Priority and HVTs are marked on Hot Times also additional EXP and GP rewards will be given on your mission. HQ will send out care packages daily. You’re an expert, You’re elite, you’re a Ranger!

    See you on the other side.

    Move out!

    10. November EXP/GP Boost Events
    We are gearing towards and bombastic holiday season and we are kicking it off with a EXP and GP Boost Events that will sure get your blood pumping before the holidays, we’ve got EXP and GP Boost all this month. Check out the schedule and keep your calendar marked so you won’t miss out on some big-time bonuses!
    • 2020/10/28 – 2020/11/03: Halloween Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/04 – 2020/12/01: Steam Open 2nd Year and Valofe Open 3rd Year Anniversary Boost Event (300% EXP / 300% GP)
    • 2020/11/07 – 2020/11/08: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/11 – 2020/11/11: Special Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/14 – 2020/11/15: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/18 – 2020/11/24: Combat Week Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/18 – 2020/12/02: Black Friday Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/21 – 2020/11/22: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/26 – 2020/11/26: Thanksgiving Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/28 – 2020/11/29: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/11/1 – 2020/11/30: Only Maintenance's Days Boost Event for this month (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    Combat Arms Operation Team