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Patch Notes 2020.12.30 [Welcome 2021]

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  • Patch Notes 2020.12.30 [Welcome 2021]

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    1. Server Stability

    2. Maintenance Downtime Compensation
    a. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 2020.12.30 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    b. Basic Weapon Mystery Box Type B
    c. Basic Gear Mystery Box Type B
    • NOTE: MA Compensation can only be obtained on the day of MA after the servers are opened

    3. New Item Release – Anubis Gear Mystery Box & Anubis Gear
    Attention Rangers!

    HQ has first had its development in full swing. Become the harbinger of death as you swoop into the battlefield with the Anubis Gear. Similar to the Anubis Weapons, the gear has specialized properties derived from the ancient texts granting those that wield these items the power of the god Anubis himself.
    Bring terror and fear into combat! Send your foes to the underworld with the new Anubis Gear!

    Anubis Gear Mystery Box
    Sale Period (12.30.2020 ~ 1.27.2021)
    a. Anubis Gear Mystery Box 1pc.
    b. Anubis Gear Mystery Box 5pcs.
    c. Anubis Gear Mystery Box 10pcs.
    NOTE: Buying the 10 pcs Mystery Box Package will give 1 guaranteed permanent item.
    Click image for larger version

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    Anubis Gears Package
    Sale Period (12.30.2020 ~ 1.6.2021)
    a. Anubis’ Helmet
    b. Anubis’ Vest
    c. Anubis’ Scythe Backpack
    NOTE: Equipping the new Anubis Gear and Welcome 2021 Items, to receive rare metals while playing, the more items are equipped the faster you gain rare metals.
    (1 equipped = 10 mins. game time, 2 equipped = 9 mins. game time, 3 equipped = 8 mins. game time, 4 items equipped = 7 mins. game time)

    4. New Item Release – Welcome 2021 Items


    We’ve come to the end of the year and we’re prepping up for the next. Spruce up your inventory with these celebratory items for the start of 2021. Get yourself both of these items and gather your rare metals faster.

    Over and out!


    Click image for larger version

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    Welcome 2021 Items
    Sale Period (12.30.2020 ~ 1.27.2021)
    a. 2021 Gridiron Grenade
    b. 2021 Bandana
    NOTE: Equipping the new Anubis Gear and Welcome 2021 Items, to receive rare metals while playing, the more items are equipped the faster you gain rare metals.
    (1 equipped = 10 mins. game time, 2 equipped = 9 mins. game time, 3 equipped = 8 mins. game time, 4 items equipped = 7 mins. game time)

    5. End of Combat Week Event
    a. BSS GC Mileage 2x removed
    b. Fireteam Bonus Rewards removed
    c. Special Weapon Displayed in BSS and Store removed
    d. Snowball Fight and Dead Vacation Open removed
    e. EXP / GP 100% Buff during Combat Week removed

    6. Item Shop Reorganization


    We are doing small tweak to your shopping experience. Starting today, the item shop has new features which we intend to make your item shop visit a bit more enjoyable.

    a. You can purchase RARE-grade items in the shop.
    b. RARE-grade items can now be purchased with using either GP/GC. Permanent duration items can be also be purchased using GC.
    c. The selection of available RARE-grade items will be reshuffled every month.

    7. Mystery Box Revamp


    HQ has updated and upgraded our trusty Mystery Boxes to the newly minted Advanced Mystery Boxes. Tech has placed specialized progression beacons on each box which allows us to drop in some special treats just for you from opening a set number of boxes. Opening more boxes, unlocks the bonus quicker.

    What are you waiting for?! Head on over to the shop and get your Mystery Pickup Boxes!

    a. Mystery boxes which are always available from the Item Shop, namely Rare, Epic, VIP, Accessory, have been updated to available as the new Advanced Mystery Box.
    b. Receive special Pickup Boxes after opening several of the new Advanced Mystery Boxes. There is specified number of boxes needed to opened to receive your special reward.
    c. Pickup Boxes allows those that will receive it to choose a desired item from a selection of items for each respective box type.

    8. New Year’s Epic Ornaments

    Show off your version of fireworks and flare, simply by gearing up for these New Epic Accessories. We guarantee that these aren’t just style. Check’em out in the Shop and grab a few.
    • Silver Star Necklace: Accessory with +35% EXP effect
    • Gold Star Necklace: Accessory with EXP +40% effect
    • Silver Eagle Coin: Accessory with +35% GP effect
    • Gold Eagle Coin: Accessory with +40% GP effect
    • Lovers' Photos: Same playtime when equipped with 3 set items for obtaining rare metals.

    9. The Nightmare is out! - Nightmare Mode Official Launch Click image for larger version

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    Code Red!

    Code Red!

    Containment systems destroyed! All non-combat personnel are to evacuate!
    Rangers! Terminate with extreme prejudice! Let’s not give this monstrosity one step further! It might be tough but you’re tougher!


    The Nightmare mode is now fully launched. We’d like to thank those that gave us the very valuable data needed to further improve the game mode and now that it is out of the Beta. We made the Nightmare game mode more interesting. Here is the list of the changes and improvements added for the launch of the Nightmare.

    a. All Records and Boss levels in the beta period have been reset.
    b. Nightmare boss level is raised to a maximum of 60.
    c. Nightmare Level Up Rewards have been added.
    (You will receive a reward when the level of the Nightmare room that the player can create increases.)
    d. Nightmare personal records have been added.
    e. Nightmare achievements have been added.
    f. 100% EXP/GP will be added to Nightmare event.

    10. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 – New Year Events

    Let’s give 2020 a proper send off and welcome the New Year with celebration! Enjoy the EXP and GP bonuses plus a fantastic line up of attendance rewards.

    a. 200% EXP/GP New Year Bonus Boost
    (Event Period: 12.30~1.12)

    b. Special Attendance Event
    (Event Period: 12.30~1.27)

    11. Priority: Subject X – Nightmare Boss Beatdown
    Event Period: 12.30~1.27


    Orders are in! All Rangers are to participate in a friendly competition to see who can deal the most damage to the current Nightmare Boss: Subject X. Show him who’s the boss around these parts and beat everybody else to the top of the leaderboards.
    With the official launch of the Nightmare, we’re kicking it to high gear and see who amongst the best can pummel and pelt the Nightmare Boss the most.

    [Mechanics Overview]
    • Rankings will be categorized for daily attempts and overall event period attempts.
    • Rewards will be distributed daily for those in Daily Rankings, while additional rewards will be given to those that made it to the Overall Rankings Board. Their rewards will be handed out at the end of the event period.
    • Please note that the level of the Boss you fought has an effect to the damage dealt.

    12. One Closes, Another One Begins!

    As we bookend another fantastic season of skirmishes against good friends and bitter rivals. We are proud to announce that a new season of Clan War has begun.
    We extend our gratitude to that valiantly participated in the recently concluded Clan War Season. We have already sent our couriers to deliver the fruits of your hard work to your respective INBOX.

    The new Clan War Season will open on 1.27.2021

    See you in Combat!


    13. EXP Accumulation Event
    Event Period: 12.30 ~ 1.12

    Attention Rangers!

    HQ is keeping tabs on your progress with your deployment and is flying in aid. Your accumulated experience nets you a hefty haul of rewards. Keep on forward Ranger!


    14. January Premium Items updated


    A new month should always come with new stuff. We’ve replenished our inventory and we flown in stuff you need and stuff you just wanna have! Grab’em while they hot coz you never know when they’ll be out again.

    15. January Daily Jobs, Attendance, Hot Time Bonus and EXP/GP Events

    Attention Rangers!

    New assignments and directives have been sent out. Check your debrief pack before you proceed with the operation. Priority and HVTs are marked on Hot Times also additional EXP and GP rewards will be given on your mission. HQ will send out care packages daily. You’re an expert, You’re elite, you’re a Ranger!

    See you on the other side.

    Move out!

    16. Exchange Shop Items Updated

    Ol’man Bubba pulled out some interesting trinkets out of the crates and are available for you. Check out the new pool of items on the Exchange Shop.

    17. January EXP/GP Boost Events

    The new year is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to spend some heart pumping action in the battlefields of Combat Arms: Reloaded. But we ain’t stopp’in yet as we are bringing in EXP and GP Bonus through out the first month of 2021! So, head over to your station and join us in welcoming 2021!


    • 2020/12/30 – 2021/1/26:Nightmare Officially Open Boost Event (Only Nightmare Mode) (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2020/12/30 – 2021/1/12:New Year Bonus Event (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    • 2021/1/2 – 2021/1/3: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2021/1/9 – 2021/1/10: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2021/1/16 – 2021/1/17: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2021/1/18 – 2021/1/18: Special Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2021/1/20 – 2021/1/26: Combat Week Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2021/1/23 – 2021/1/24: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    • 2021/1/30 – 2021/1/31: Weekend Boost Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    VALOFE Operations Team