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Patch Notes 2021.02.03 [Nightmare Boss 2 Beta]

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  • Patch Notes 2021.02.03 [Nightmare Boss 2 Beta]

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    1. Server Stability

    2. Maintenance Downtime Compensation
    a.200% EXP & GP Boost for 2021.02.03 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    b.Basic Weapon Mystery Box Type A
    c.Basic Gear Mystery Box Type A
    • NOTE: MA Compensation can only be obtained on the day of MA after the servers are opened

    3. Nightmare Boss 2 Beta Launch
    (Beta Period: 02.03 ~ 2.24) Click image for larger version

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    Let's all dive right into the thick of the action in a daring incursion and take back control of an infested cruise ship from its Violent Mutant Captain! This is not an easy task but you are the best among the best! You are Rangers!


    Take part in a frantic, claustrophobic boss battle featuring the 2nd Nightmare Boss known as the “Violent Mutant Captain”.

    a. The 2nd Nightmare Boss will run as a beta release.

    b. This new boss comes in with new tricks up its sleeve that will surely engage our players in exhilarating boss battles.

    c. Progression is similar to the 1st Nightmare Boss, wherein defeating more bosses and higher-Level bosses earns you the chance of getting more rewards. Additionally, beating bosses that have lower levels than what you currently attain will not increase your current boss level. This means you’ll be able to help your friends and clanmates catch up to your Boss Level.

    d. As with the Beta Release format, the maximum level achievable is capped at Level 50.

    e. The Nightmare mode is a very challenging game mode that entails the unforeseen “death” during battle. However, you can respawn back to the match by using Nightmare Respawn Tokens or ask your friend to revive you using a Nightmare Party Respawn Token.

    f. The entire stage is pretty much contaminated and brings a lot of damage-over-time which is why suiting up in gear with high gas with protection is highly recommended.

    g. To give a little extra boost to our Beta Launch Participants. They’ll be receiving an additional 100% EX / GP Bonus for playing Nightmare Boss 2 Beta

    4. Always better with Chocolate! – Valentines Celebration Event
    (Event Period: 02.03 ~ 02.16) Click image for larger version

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    You might be a lone wolf in battle but you got us and we got your Valentines covered. Fight along with your pals or decimate everything alone to get chocolates. Just a reminder, that these ain’t your ordinary chocolate Soldier, these are Combat Arms-certified chocolates, so they pack a punch and can be exchanged for great stuff. Collect these sweet little trinkets and treat yourself with our Valentine’s Items from the Exchange Shop.

    Event Mechanics:
    a. Receive 1 Chocolate every 2 minutes of game time.
    b. Chocolates will be accumulated directly in the Exchange Shop.
    c. Collect and Exchange these chocolates for Items from the Exchange Shop.

    5. Pick ‘Em Quickly.
    (Sale Period: 02.03 ~ 2.24)

    It’s the month of love and luck and what more gratifying way be celebrate than to grab yourself this opportunity of getting loads of Epic-ness. Get all 4 boxes now!
    a. Epic Weapon Pickup Box
    b. Epic Gear Pickup Box
    c. Epic Character Pickup Box
    d. Accessory Pickup Box

    NOTE: The above 4 items are sold with a limit of one purchase number.

    6. Other Changes and Improvements

    a. The Guard Break skill of the Siren has been modified for Quarantine Mode.
    b. Legion will no longer drop upon death. Change is to align with other M134Minigun-type weapons settings.
    c. Players that participated in the x2 Pickup Box event will receive their corresponding number of missing Pickup Boxes in their Inbox.
    VALOFE Operations Team