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Nightmare Boss 2 Beta Launch

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  • Nightmare Boss 2 Beta Launch

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    Nightmare Boss 2 Beta Launch
    (Period: 02.03~ 02.24)


    We shall be conducting an incursion on a rogue Nemexis cruise liner believed to house a research lab that caused an outbreak on-board. Operators are to exercise caution during the mission against all hostiles as they are suspected to be carrying a high-infectious mutagen. A scout JSF team and a few civilians are trapped below deck and can only be rescued with our help.
    Our mission is to eliminate all hostiles from bow-to-stern, sweep for any stragglers as we make way, and seize command of the ship from whoever or whatever is on the helm. Once in control of the vessel, it will be redirected away from any population centers to avoid any further contamination.

    This is not an easy task but you are the best of the best! You are Rangers!


    Nightmare Boss 2 Beta
    Take part in a frantic, claustrophobic boss battle featuring the 2nd Nightmare Boss known as the “Violent Mutant Captain”.
    1. The 2nd Nightmare Boss will run as a beta release.
    2. This new boss comes in with new tricks up its sleeve that will surely engage our players in exhilarating boss battles.
    3. Progression is similar to the 1st Nightmare Boss, wherein defeating more bosses and higher-Level bosses earns you the chance of getting more rewards. Additionally, beating bosses that have lower levels than what you currently attain will not increase your current boss level. This means you’ll be able to help your friends and clanmates catch up to your Boss Level.
    4. As with the Beta Release format, the maximum level achievable is capped at Level 50.
    5. The Nightmare mode is a very challenging game mode that entails the unforeseen “death” during battle. However, you can respawn back to the match by using Nightmare Respawn Tokens or ask your friend to revive you using a Nightmare Party Respawn Token.
    6. As teased in the Nightmare story introduction, The entire stage is pretty much contaminated and brings a lot of damage-over-time which is why suiting up in gear with high gas with protection is highly recommended.
    7. To give a little extra boost to our Beta Launch Participants. They’ll be receiving an additional 100% EX / GP Bonus for playing Nightmare Boss 2 Beta
    VALOFE Operations Team