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  • Developers Briefing #27

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    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!
    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.

    On the 3rd February maintenance (a little delay than the target ;, we're introducing our second Nightmare.
    The second Nightmare is designed to manage not only the boss but also normal enemies by spawning enemies that attack ranged attacks along with bosses that attack poison.
    We wanted to give you a different feeling from the first nightmare, but there are still some factors that are lacking, so I don't know if it's delivered well.
    It's a beta version now, and like the first boss, we're going to hold a ranking event with the official release.

    Along with this, pickup gachas, which are not generally sold, have been released separately.
    The original pick-up gacha is a very special mystery box where you can get the selected item if you purchase the advanced mystery box for more than a certain amount of time.
    In fact, there was an issue that users could not understand the pick-up box, so we were able to sell 50% off just once as a promotion.
    We hope that many of you will be able to take advantage of this special opportunity and choose the item you usually want.

    On the other hand, a few updates will be made as it will be changed to the spring season in March.
    As a representative, the overall compensation reorganization will be carried out. Search & Destroy mode will be improved to the seasonal event mode.

    First of all, in the case of the reward reorganization, the exchange shop tokens are changed to be classified into types such as weapons, gears, characters, and functions from the previous method of classifying them by grade.
    Accordingly, tokens that can be acquired for each game content (e.g. Gear token in Fire Team) will be determined.
    Oh, of course, existing Rare, Epic, and Legendary tokens will be exchanged for changed tokens.

    And Search&Destroy mode wants to improve the attack camp's bomb to one.
    This creates optional factors such as who has the bomb and where the user with the bomb comes to.
    We are working hard to add other interesting elements besides this, so please wait with anticipation.

    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.
    Thank you.
    VALOFE Operations Team