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Patch Notes 2021.02.24 [Rising Spring Update]

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  • Patch Notes 2021.02.24 [Rising Spring Update]

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    1.Server Stability

    a.200% EXP & GP Boost for 2021.02.24 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    b. Function Metal 100 pcs
    c. Nightmare Respawn Token (1day) 15 Pcs
    •NOTE: MA Compensation can only be obtained on the day of MA

    3.New item released (Sale Period: 02.24 ~ 03.31)
    a. Special Combat Service Gear Mystery Box
    b. Special Combat Service Gear Mystery Box x5
    c. Special Combat Service Gear Mystery Box x10
    •NOTE: If you buy the x10, 1 permanent item is guaranteed.

    d. Special Combat Service Gear Package (Sale Period: 02.24 ~ 03.31)
    e. SCS Vest
    f. SCS Helmet
    g. SCS Backpack

    NOTE: If you equip new gears and play game, you can get Weapon Metal until March 31.

    4. Sales of RARE-level items
    a. You can purchase RARE-grade items in the shop.
    b. SMG, Pistol, Support, and characters will be on sale (until 3/31).

    5. Overall game rewards and exchange shop reorganization
    - The metal used at the exchange shop will no longer be available at the exchange shop.
    - Those who own the existing metal can exchange it for new metal at each exchange shop.

    a. Functional Metal
    - Functional metal can exchange various functional items.
    - You can earn a certain number of times each day through Fire Team and AI (Bot) match.

    b. Gear metal
    - Gear metal can be exchanged for gear items of each grade.
    - You can earn it when you level up on Nightmare and when you play Nightmare.

    c. Weapon metal
    - Weapon metal can be exchanged for weapon items of each grade.
    - You can earn it by playing the Clan Wars and Ranking matches.
    - You can earn it when you play the game for a certain period of time after wearing the newly released item.
    - You can earn it if you buy and have VIP item. VIP pass users can get weapon metal instead of rare metal.

    d. Character metal
    - Character metal can be exchanged for character items for each grade.
    - You can earn it when using content such as daily job and attendance.

    In addition to the guide, you can get new metals by replacing existing old metals.

    e. Hot time items
    - Starting from March's hot time, we will give 20 gear metals for each hot time on weekdays, 20 each on weekends, and 100 gear metals for maintenance.

    6. <Start of spring season>
    - The spring season starts from 2/24 to 5/26.

    a. Season event mode change
    - The event mode for the spring season is Search & Destroy.
    - 200% EXP/GP bonus is added to the Seasonal Event mode.

    b. Search & Destroy content improvement
    - The contents of Search & Destroy are improved by one of the attacking team members picking up a bomb and carrying the bomb to install a bomb.

    c. Ranking zone reward payment and new season started.

    7. <Nightmare Violent Runaway Captain Officially Open>
    a. The Nightmare record and the level of the Violent Runaway Captain during the beta period resetted.
    b. Nightmare Violent Runaway Captain's level has been raised to a maximum of 60.
    c. The EXP/GP reward for the violent captain has been increased.
    d. Nightmare personal records have been added.
    e. Nightmare achievements have been added.
    f. Nightmare EXP/GP 100% will be maintained in March.
    g. The SCS gear can more effectively defend against the attack of the violent captain.

    h. Nightmare Boss Damage Event (Event period: 2.24 ~ 3.31)
    In Nightmare, the boss damage event that competes for the ranks with the damage attacked by the boss violent captain begins.
    Rewards are paid according to the daily ranking and overall ranking during the event period.
    Attacking a boss with a high level is advantageous for ranking competition.

    8. Clan Wars New Season Begin
    a. Clan Wars rewards paid and new Clan Wars season started (Period: 2.24 ~ 3.31)

    9. March EXP cumulative event starts
    Period: 2.24 ~ 3.31

    10. Premium item updated

    11. Bugs fixed
    a. Siren skill HUD disappearing bug have been fixed.
    b. Duplicated Free Weapons in the equipment tab bug have been fixed.
    c. Options keybind not saving bug have been fixed.

    12. March EXP/GP Event
    2021-03-06 ~ 2021-03-07: Weekends Boost Event (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    2021-03-08 ~ 2021-03-08: International Women's Day (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    2021-03-10 ~ 2021-03-23: St. Patrick Event (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    2021-03-13 ~ 2021-03-14: Weekends Boost Event (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    2021-03-20 ~ 2021-03-21: Weekends Boost Event (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    2021-03-27 ~ 2021-03-28: Weekends Boost Event (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    2021-03-01 ~ 2021-03-31: MA bonus (Every week Wednesday) MA Days-3 times in a month (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    2021-03-24 ~ 2021-03-30: Combat Week Boost Event (300% EXP / 300% GP)
    2021-02-24 ~ 2021-03-23: Nightmare New Boss 2 Officialy Open (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    2021-02-24 ~ 2021-03-23: Huge Update Event Boost (100% EXP / 100% GP)
    2021-03-24 ~ 2021-05-26: Search and Destroy (200% EXP / 200% GP)
    VALOFE Operations Team