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  • Developers Briefing #28

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    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!

    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.

    How time flies so quickly, we are already at the end of the 1st quarter of 2021. How are your New Years’ resolutions going? Did you make any progress from your start of the year plans?
    We started the year somber yet full of optimism with the hopes that the effects of CoVID-19 will be gone and over, for us to return to our normal lives before the pandemic. Nevertheless, parts of the world are recovering slowly but surely and we hope that everyone not only our Rangers stays safe and healthy in the coming months.

    Now, let’s move forward and discuss the newest additions and future plans for Combat Arms: Reloaded.
    This 31st of March, we successfully rolled out the 3rd beta edition of the highly-enjoyed Nightmare Mode, featuring a mechanical menace that’s way harder to pummel down than his predecessors. The emphasis on making the experience more challenging was kept in mind as the content intends to keep our rangers always on their feet at all times.

    The defeat of the mechanical form of the boss relies heavily on good positioning to ensure that constant damage is dealt, making it quicker to progress to the trickier part of the stage the human-type boss.
    The human-type boss is more nimble and agile than its mechanical form thus making it increasingly difficult to bring down through conventional gunnery and marksmanship, one trick that could assist with dealing constant damage to this boss is by installing auto-turrets strategically on the stage.
    I hope that the little tip I shared will help our Rangers to clear this Nightmare quickly and bring home more and better rewards.

    The latest patch also brought about a long-awaited update to the Combat Season Event. This event gives a set amount of rewards based on the accolades and achievements of the player. Additionally, we made the rewards better and more meaningful while giving our players a chance to further improve their bonuses when they buy the new Combat Pro Pass.
    To sweeten this already awesome update, we finally caved into insistent public demand and added Melissa, a new character, that you can get as the final reward. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and get her.

    Moreover, we still have a ton of stuff lined up for the coming months, we are currently working on adding a type of “weekly” or “monthly” quest and “character-skill level-up items” that will hopefully be rolled out on or before the end of April. The Weekly/Monthly Quest is intended to incentivize playing the game with mid-to-long-term goals/objectives and better rewards while Character skill Level-up items will be obtainable simply through playing.

    In our continued pursuit of providing fresh experiences to our player base, albeit rookies or veterans, or elites, in the form of new types of weapons, new game modes to play on, and other multiple ways to make the overall game experience more appealing and fun. On that note, please continue to look forward to upcoming updates to Combat Arms: Reloaded.

    The continued interest and affection from each and every one of you give great strength to us.
    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.

    Thank you.
    VALOFE Operations Team