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Patch Notes 2021.09.15

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  • Patch Notes 2021.09.15

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    1.Server Stability

    a.200% EXP & GP Boost for 2021.09.15 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    b. Function Metal 100 pcs
    c. Nightmare Respawn Token 15pcs (1 day usage)
    •NOTE: MA Compensation can only be obtained on the day of MA

    3. New item released (Sale Period: 09.15 ~ 10.12)
    a. Ginko Leaf Mystery Box
    b. Ginko Leaf Mystery Box x5
    c. Ginko Leaf Mystery Box x10
    •NOTE: If you buy the x10, 1 permanent item is guaranteed.
    d. Ginko Leaf Weapons Package (Sale Period: 09.15 ~ 10.12)
    e. XK-8 Penetrator
    f. M16A3 Ginko Leaf
    g. SV-98 Ginko Leaf
    h. Anaconda Ginko Leaf
    Note 2: Equip the new weapons. Play game. You can acquire weapon metals. (until ~12 October).

    4. Google OTP support added.
    a. Secondary passwords can be set through Google authentication.
    b. Please use it if you want to strengthen account security.

    5. Hidden Target Improvement
    1. Hidden Target's appearance item rating will be changed to Rare~Legendary.
    2. The type of board for hidden targets has increased by up to 8*8.

    6. World Conquest Event started. (Event Period: 9.15 ~ 9.21)

    7. Bugs fixed
    a. Horus Weapon Mystery boxes 1, 5, 10 boxes doesn't open. This bug fixed.
    Combat Arms Operation Team