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[Combat Week] July 20-26, 2022

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  • [Combat Week] July 20-26, 2022

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    Combat Week Event
    Event Period (06/22 ~ 06/28)

    Push forward Rangers! Support is on its way for the entire week! Play on and take part in the expansive bonuses we got in store just for you.

    a. Bubba’s Secret Stash x2 Gauge
    Receive more goodies from our trusty old shopkeeper.

    b. EXP / GP 300% Buffs
    To top it all off, we are giving a boost to all those duking it out during the anniversary month. We are boosting the EXP and GP that you’ll receive on each of your matches. That’s right everyone, there is a 300% EXP and GP boost reward during the entire anniversary month.

    c. Fireteam Bonus Rewards
    Call on your friends, clanmates, or just a random group of dedicated rangers to take on the challenges on all Fireteam maps and be rewarded with more or better. Only your squad can determine the outcome!

    d. Special Weapons displayed on Bubba’s Secret Stash and the Store.
    Stop worrying about your most coveted gear. We have refreshed the items for the take on BSS and Store so don’t miss out on some possibly interesting deals.

    e. Dead Vacation, GP Rush, & Snowball Fight Event
    The holiday season is coming fast and we are kicking it off with these game modes made available for those that want something else that they can get their hands on.

    Combat Week Sales Event
    Sale Period (06/22 ~ 06/28)

    HQ is rolling out insane deals for some of your favorites. Be on the lookout for the hottest items and best deals that will keep our Ranger in top form to take on the challenges in the ever-changing battlefield of Combat Arms: Reloaded.
    Item Name Original Price
    Legendary Item Mystery Box 990
    Legendary Item Mystery Box X5 3960
    Legendary item License 800
    Legendary item License X5 3800
    Legendary item License X10 7200
    Mega 5 Special Mystery Box 480
    Anubis Weapon Package 8000 1+1
    Bastet Weapon Package 9900 1+1
    Flower Weapon Package 8000 1+1
    Fortune Weapon Package 8000 1+1
    Pastel Weapon Package 8000 1+1
    Silver Wolf Weapon Package 8000 1+1
    Combat Arms Operation Team