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Patch Notes - 2023.05.10

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  • Patch Notes - 2023.05.10

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    1. Server stabilization: in order to provide stable services, equipment maintenance will be carried out.

    2. Maintain rewards

    A. Maintenance Exp/GP Boost: 200% (May 10, 2023 only)
    B. Function Metals x100
    C. Nightmare Respawn Tokens X15 (can only be used on the day of maintenance)
    Note: Maintenance compensation can only be collected during Maintenance day.

    3. New items (Sale Period: May 10, 2023 ~ June 28m 2023)
    A. ASTRO Weapon Myst-Box
    B. ASTRO Weapon Myst-Box x5
    C. ASTRO Weapon Myst-Box x10
    Note 1: One permanent item (+0~+4) can be guaranteed when purchasing 10 sets.
    D. Astro weapon package (discount time: May 10, 2023 ~ June 28, 2023)
    e. Solar Flare Ak47
    f. XK-8_ASTRO
    g. TMP_ASTRO
    h. Karambit_ASTRO
    Note 2: Weapon metal can be obtained by using the new guns in matchmaking, (2023. 5.10 ~ 2023.6.28)

    4. World Conquest Event starts (5.10 ~ 5.16)

    6. Reduce the number of NPCs that need to be killed in the Fireteam mode in daily quests.

    7. Reward distribution

    -Hall of Fame
    -Double reward (Khonsu Weapons Package) (Stash event of May Bubba)
    -Double reward (Aster Gears Package) (Stash event of May Bubba)

    8. SMG weapon restrictions were added in the elimination, and SMG weapon restrictions and bomb restrictions were added in the QUARANTINE mode.
    9. Bug Fixes
    -Repair the defense failure of some equipment when switching loadouts

    10. Nightmare boss tickets are adjusted to 12 times.
    11. Bubba's items adjusted

    -Added Gear and Weapon Renewal Licenses
    -Added Inventory Slot Increase Tool
    Combat Arms Operation Team