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Patch Notes 04/10/2019

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  • Patch Notes 04/10/2019

    - Patch Notes 04.10.19 - Server is now LIVE ( 11:20 CEST 04.10.19/ 11:10 2:20 PDT 04.10.19 / 9:20 UTC 04.10.19)

    1. Server Stability

    2. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 04.10 Maintenance for the rest of the day.

    3. Enhancement System

    a. Only permanent items (Rare’s and Above) can be enhanced
    b. Items with expiring time can’t be enhanced
    c. Pure Combat items, Common items and Premium Items can’t be enhanced.
    d. Item types that can be enhanced:

    i. AR
    ii. SR
    iii. SMG
    iv. SG
    v. MG
    vi. Pistol
    vii. Head Gear
    viii. Face Gear
    ix. Vests

    e. Enhanced Grades and Enhanced Count

    i. Rare Items: 5 times
    ii. Epic Items: 4 Times
    iii. Legendary Items: 3 Times

    f. Item Ability Enhanced Count

    i. Rare Item: 2 Ability
    ii. Epic Item: 3 Ability
    iii. Legendary Item: 5 Ability

    g. Enhanced Materials (Multiple Permanent Items)

    i. You can enhance your permanent weapon when you have duplicate permanent weapon.
    (EX. Roaring Dragon SG50 (Permanent) requirements to enhance: another Roaring Dragon SG50 + GP)

    4. Selling Permanent Items

    a. Permanent Items that has been sold will become enhanced materials instead of GP

    5. New Item Released

    a. MSR Zodiac
    b. QBZ-95 Zodiac
    c. Micro UZI Zodiac
    d. SPAS-12 White Glint (Legendary Weapon)

    6. Zodiac Mystery Box

    a. Zodiac Mystery Box – 600 GC

    b. Zodiac Mystery Box 4+1 – 2400 GC

    c. Zodiac Weapon package – 5,000 GC (Selling Period: April 10 – April 17)

    7. 20% EXP / GP Boost on New Guns (Zodiac Guns & SPAS-12 White Glint)

    8. Item Selling Period displayed on the Shop

    9. Vivid Assault Guns and Nemexis T-2 added into Advance, Premium and Limited VIP Mystery Box

    10. All Legendary Weapon added into VIP Weapon Mystery Box

    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    I guess it is me...……..but I do not understand one worth of how the enhanced material system works.. Explain it more clearly with an example. I think the idea is good..


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      I have enhanced 3 or 4 of my weapons and I don't know how to tell what has been enhanced on the weapon. Can you tell us how to check the weapons for the enhancements that has been made?