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Patch Notes 04.16.19

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  • Patch Notes 04.16.19

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    - Patch Notes 04.16.19 - Server is now LIVE ( 11:50 CEST 04.16.19/02:50 PDT 04.16.19 / 09:50 UTC 04.16.19)

    1. Server Stability

    2. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 04.16 Maintenance for the rest of the day.

    3. New user attendance event rewards

    a. Users who are currently in the process of new user attendance will change their attendance rewards but will not start again from the beginning.

    b. New and Returnee Users Attendance Event

    c. New VIP Users Attendance Event

    d. New Daily Jobs Rewards

    4. Easter Egg Hunt Event

    a. Play for 5 mins and get 2 Eastern Egg
    b. Exchange the Eastern Egg
    c. Golden Eastern Egg Rewards
    d. Golden Eastern Egg (1/2) Rewards
    e. Golden Eastern Egg (2/2) Rewards

    5. Enhancement System Disabled Temporarily.

    a. Enhancement System button will be disabled and will not be able to use for the meantime due to some errors.

    6. Purchasing GC will also be under maintenance.

    7. VFUN website and GSP will be under maintenance too.

    Combat Arms Operation Team

  • #2
    Cabin fever is still buggy. Bullets does not have any damage on zombies. Only after a reload bullets do damage. Minigun can no be reloaded. And there is one bug with trowing grenates. The phoenix machinegun does not get his 300 bullets


    • #3
      Same problem appears in elimination as well. Bullets do no damage, only after reload. Grenate problem; there is no grenate after throwing…….
      Come on Valofe yu can do better than this……...


      • #4
        Yes, there's some problem when I switch to meds, but i don't put them down, and I switch to my weapon again it doesn't damage zombies. If my weapon doesn't have bullets to reload, the only solution is to die and respawn


        • #5
          Bullets don't register intermittently on ALL guns and melee weapons, meds, and nades. PLEASE FIX THIS. Game play is not worth it with this many bugs.