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Patch Note 04.24.2019

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  • Patch Note 04.24.2019

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    - Patch Notes 04.24.19 - Server is now LIVE ( 08:50 CEST 04.24.19/PDT 23:50 04.23.19 / 06:50 UTC 04.24.19)

    Server Stability

    200% EXP & GP Boost for 04.24 Maintenance for the rest of the day.

    Enhancement System Re-open

    Roll Call Compensation for Enhancement System instability and server issue

    Incorrect New User Attendance Event Fixed

    Bug Fixed

    a. Bullet Count Issue When picking up the SPAS-12 White Glint on the ground.

    Combat Week Event Starts

    a. BSS GC 2x Mileage Event
    b. Fireteam Bonus Reward Payment
    c. Special Weapon is available on Shop and BSS
    d. Dead Vacation map and Snowball Fight Mode Open

    New Items

    a. Rare AR Mystery Box x5

    b. Rare SR Mystery Box x5

    c. Rare Gear Mystery Box x5

    9. Combat Week Sales Event

    • Arcade Edition Mystery Box
    • Tempest Aviator Mystery Box
    • Vivid Assault Mystery Box
    • VALOFE 2nd Weapon MYSTERY BOX
    • Valofe 2nd Gears Legendary Mystery Box
    • Cyborg Mystery Box
    • Super Elite Moderator (Special)
    • Lightning Mystery Box
    • Animated V.2 Mystery Box
    • Animated V.3 Mystery Box
    • Animated Mystery Box

    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    Even after this update same problems still excist in game; bullets in fireteam do no damage, guns do not get there bullets, sometimes only one granate instead of two. Same problem does excist in elemination as well. After two update and one emergency update (16/4) problems still excist and there is no prospective that valofe is working to solve them. I said in before, Valofe yu can do better than this. Any how I feel very dissapointed……...


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      I'd like to report a bug related with the bullet count and the damage of the weapons. In fireteam, when the game starts, my phoenix mg21e starts with 150/350 bullets, but it has to start with 150/150 bullets because of the set effect and my magazine modification. When I shoot more than 300 bullets, my MG doesn't damage the zombies. Also, when I switch MG to first aid kit and I put down just one of the 3 kits and switch to my MG again, it doesn't damage zombies and no score is counted. When the MG has bullets to reload, reloading help to solve the issue, but if the MG has no bullets to reload, you have to die and respawn to solve it.


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        Regarding the Hit Registration Bug

        Bug appearance:
        1. Shoot one of your weapons
        2. Switch to any other weapon without refilling the magazine.
        This bugs every used item after this "not refilled" weapon, including melee, pistole, medkit etc..

        How to avoid this bug until its fix:
        Make sure, that you are able to refill your weapon before switching to the other item. Especially before switching to items which have no remaining magazine to be refilled -> Minigun, Legion ...

        If still an item gets bugged:

        How to break the bug for most of the items:
        If you have a bugged weapon, refill the magazine with remaining ammo by pressing R. In most of the cases the bug can be broken at this way, except with items which can't be refilled like Minigun or Legion.