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Patch Note 05.29.2019 (NEW MODE: TAG OF WAR)

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  • Patch Note 05.29.2019 (NEW MODE: TAG OF WAR)

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    1. New Mode: TAG OF WARS
      • Kill the enemy and get the enemy dog tag, first team to collect the target tag goal will win the match.
      • Get the fallen allies dog tag and prevent enemy team from getting the points and winning the match.
      • 200% EXP / GP while playing TAG OF WARS (5/29 ~ 6/26)
      • TAG OF WARS CGS REWARD: Snow Tiger MG 36
      • Youtube Link: Tag of War
    2. Server Stability
    3. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 05.29 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    4. Combat Week Event and Sales Event Ended
      • BSS GC 2x Mileage Event Removed
      • 100% EXP / GP buff during Combat Week Removed
      • Fireteam Bonus Reward Payment Removed
      • Special Weapon is available on Shop and BSS Removed
      • Dead Vacation map and Snowball Fight Mode Open Removed
      • Mystery Boxes and Package with discount Removed
      • Combat Week Special Sales Event Removed
    5. 2nd Anniversary event of Combat Arms: Reloaded
      • Combat Arms: Reloaded will celebrate the transition of Combat Arms from the Classic that everyone knows to the current version of Reloaded.
      • Get 2nd Anniversary Coins while playing and exchange it with item in Exchange Shop.
      • 2nd Anniversary Attendance Event
      • 100% EXP / GP from May 29 ~ June 26
      • New User Attendance Event Change
    6. Premium Items on Premium Tab Change
    7. M32 Item Series will be added to the Special Weapon Mystery Box
    8. New Items: Battle Girl Mika
      • Battle Girl Mika Mystery Box (1 Set, 5 Sets, 10 Sets)
      • Purchase 10 Sets and get a Guarantee 1 Permanent Items.
      • Character: MIKA
      • Head: Fox Mask
      • Face: Ninja Mask
      • Backpack: School Backpack
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Export-to-1024x540.jpg Views:	2 Size:	356.8 KB ID:	16931
    9. 20% EXP / GP Boost and Rare Metal while using the Battle Girl Mika Items
    10. General Combat / Pure Combat / Fireteam UI change and improved.
    11. Left Side Menu Bar Shortcut Restriction Removed
      • You can now include shortcut menu button on the Left Side Menu Bar as much as you want and possible.
    12. Invite Button Added
      • You can now invite everyone with the same ZONE on the room.
      • Invite Button refresh every 10 seconds.
    13. Play with bots improved
      • The Rewards is improved
      • Different difficulty level has different fixed Equipment
      • Option Settings is fixed according to level of difficulty
      • Added Custom option Click image for larger version  Name:	fds.PNG Views:	3 Size:	180.6 KB ID:	16932
    14. VALOFE Messenger replace the NEXON Messenger
    15. Japanese Language added to the game as supported language.
    16. Backpack Tab Removed.
      • When equipping the item in the backpack, it will go into the main weapon tab or section.

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    after this update i cant get the game to run. has anyone else had this problem?


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      Your link is to some dude flying in classic....are you serious? Uber professionals right here. Another thing, why don't you have an NA Moderator or someone who speaks clear English, proof read what you guys are about to post and let them handle the grammar/edits from there.

      Invite Button Added
      • You can now invite everyone with the same ZONE on the room.
      • Invite Button refresh every 10 seconds.
      Invite Button Added
      • You can now invite everyone in the same ZONE to the room you are in.
      • The invite button refreshes every 10 seconds.

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