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Patch Notes 03.11.2020 [New Items]

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  • Patch Notes 03.11.2020 [New Items]

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    1. Server Stability
      1. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 03.11.20 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
      2. Basic Weapon Mystery Box Type A
      3. Basic Gear Mystery Box Type A
        • NOTE: MA Compensation can only obtain on the day of MA
    3. New Mystery Box
      1. Valofe 3rd Weapon Mystery Box
      2. Valofe 3rd Weapon Mystery Box x 5
      3. Valofe 3rd Weapon Mystery Box x 10
        • NOTE: if you buy 10 sets, 1 permanent item is guaranteed
        • (Includes 3 Epic VALOFE exclusive 3rd weapons and 1 Legendary Blue Destiny TPG-1 Pro weapon)
      1. VALOFE 3rd Weapons Package (Sale up to 3/17)
    4. Increases the maximum enhancement level of weapons and gear by 2 levels. (Character is excluded)
      1. Special options may be available when strengthening the newly added second step.
      2. Weapon: There is a penetration option that reduces your opponent's armor by a certain probability.
      3. Gear: Added defense against certain firearm types.
    5. St. Patrick's Day event started
      1. Period: 3/11-18 (until before MA)
      2. EXP/GP 100% buff added
      3. St. Patrick's Day items added to the exchange shop.
        • Play the game and collect clover every 5 min. You can change these clovers in the exchange shop.
    6. You will be able to buy directly a gun or a mystery box containing that gun from the shooting range.
    7. Fireteam medkit bug fixed. (Medkit does not work if you used it, shortly after you respawn upon clearing a wave.)