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    Code: Red!!!

    Code: Red!!!

    Containment has been breached. Hostiles sighted are massive bio-mechanical hybrids equipped with very powerful augmented weaponry. Operators are to proceed with the mission and neutralize the threat.

    Rangers! Give’em hell!


    Nightmare is new co-op game mode that allows participants to challenge power bosses with coordinated maneuvers and team-based tactics. Bosses deal massive amounts of damage and eliciting the help its minions which adds another layer of challenge for the game mode. The Combat Area plays an extensive role in the encounter as it is both riddled with obstacles while providing cover spots that can save you on those tricky engagements.

    Unlike other game modes, the access to the Nightmare Mode is limited to set number which recovers over a period of time.

    Successfully defeating a Boss will raise Boss’ Level and better the quality of the rewards that can be received. The higher the level of the boss, the more powerful it becomes and better rewards challengers can receive.

    Clearing another player's room with an equal or higher-level Boss will increase current Boss Level by 1. Additionally, The highest attained Boss Level will reset at the end of each season.

    Participants that die in combat, can revive themselves by using Nightmare Respawn Tokens or by the aid of their ally with the use of the Nightmare Party Respawn Tokens.

    Nightmare Mode (Beta Release) Mechanics

    a. Nightmare mode has a set number of challenges and this number is restored over time.

    b. Defeating a Nightmare Boss will increase its Level. The increase in Level will increase difficulty while providing better rewards.
    i. Highest attained Nightmare Boss Level will increase by 1 after clearing another player’s Nightmare Match if the Boss’ Level equal or higher than currently attained.
    ii. The Boss’ Level in the room will depend on the Room Host’s highest attained Boss Level
    iii. The highest attained Boss Level will reset at the end of each season.

    c. The maximum level of the Nightmare Boss for the Beta Version release is Level 50.

    d. Reviving yourself or a teammate in the new Nightmare Mode requires use of either the Nightmare respawn token or the Nightmare Party Respawn ticket.

    e. Map Info: Nightmare Mode - Subject X
    a. Boss Info: Subject Xis ruthless bio-mechanical hybrid that broke out in rampage in the underground facilities of TEC’s Antarctic Secret Lab.
    i. Offense: Stomp – Area of Effect extreme close-range attack.
    ii. Offense: Rush – Close in distance attack; Boss runs toward a target.
    iii. Offense: Gatling Strafe – Boss fires in the general direction of where the most number of players are gathered.
    iv. Offense: Gatling Aimed – fires a continuous barrage towards the direction any player in the match

    b. Minions
    i. Frostbite Zombies – slow attack speed; low damage. However, they tend to block key areas that can provide cover against the Boss’ burst damage. Also, drops ammo boxes and medkits.
    c. Stage
    i. Frost – deals damage over time to players going towards the center of the map; also, hinder range of vision on prolonged exposure.

    New Items added for Nightmare mode (Beta)
    a. Nightmare Respawn Token
    b. Nightmare Party Respawn Token

    Nightmare Respawn Token Login Reward
    Event Duration: (11/25~12/29)
    Logging in each day during event period will give you Nightmare Respawn Token and Nightmare Party Respawn Tokens for free!
    a. Free Nightmare Respawn Tokens - Receive 7pcs of Nightmare Respawn token on your INBOX for logins made during Weekdays (Monday ~ Friday)
    b. Free Nightmare Party Respawn Tokens - Receive 3pcs of Nightmare Party Respawn token on your INBOX for logins made during Weekends (Saturday ~ Sunday)
    Combat Arms Operation Team