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well done you did a great job.

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  • well done you did a great job.

    I do not understand the subject that you brought me
    but you did not ruin everything that was laconic. when I kill a lot of folks in the game, when you kill a person, it's not that you have the talent in the shops where you can see the talent in the shops and you do not have slut and do not vote and you voted you do you know what I thought you did it back to my ranks I did hope that my weapons would come back but you did not send weapons, these are very important things that you have to do but they do not care you do not think we can reloaded the stuff we bought while we loaded the money too reloaded mylum is very ridiculous i do not prefer reloaded because my computer is crawling and the reconnaissance maneuver is being dropped in 15 speeds why is this speed FutureX Recon Helmet 8 speed 5.5 speed what does this mean? you did put in some good stuff, but if you put them up those turrents could have put on agents help set medkit weapons to get rid of you do not do what we want you to play every day with pleasure I go 10 minutes and I go out why do you put this m32, aidkit, medkit, claymore I do not want to go to my friend and why is it expensive when we take the power and there is no option to take the phone
    and the following keyboard and mouse are expensive to play comfortably to play nice god room reloaded what is playing perfectly but when it comes to the classroom do not fix them combat arms
    reloaded all the rest of the goods come back MedKit, m32, minigun receive standard troops
    get m32, aid kit, flame, minigun gp