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    I've mainly stopped playing for quite a while thanks to the reloaded update a while back (update wasn't a promising one in the beginning). Really, I've long quit and into other games. When I've recently heard the classic comes back and as separate games, this might be promising. Well, not much. I've found out that ranks can only be migrated and not our inventories as far as I heard. I really wish our inventories are migrated to classic too because I really love my 7th Anniv. Recon Vest + Cap (hence the avatar because I'm so slick) and the 8th Anniv Dual Pistols.

    I heard some of y'all wanted to restart as Trainee. I really do not care about ranks because they don't mean anything. Rank rewards are understandable but, other than that, ranks mean nothing and Trainee can still do better.

    I'm really am not motivated to get back to playing CA for a while. Unless any big news come up saying that our inventories can be migrated to Classic, I might not continue. Might run in to playing CA at times but, I don't know. Just don't want to for now.

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    I'm still playing CA classic just because the abilities are back, and I love them! Plus I am using the spec weapons, it's been fun.


    Edit: Good to see you around a bit.


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      I agree with you in everything you say
      I stopped playing because I did not move the stock and there was something else when CA became RELOADED. Some players went to play CA: RU / CA: BR I played both games and I bought NX and created a clan and bought many weapons

      So what makes me continue to play CA CLASSIC and I have such emails and also VALOFE will kill the game


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        I agree with you my dude nx is very expensive they will dodge the game

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      I Like this Topic. My Opinion is:. #1, is still OBT. Who knows. A lot of their decisions/Data* is based on how we are all responding. #2' Valofe is not a cause or reason for what they were handed.
      NEXON is a HUGE company. So Huge that' The Original WIKI page about CA was somehow deleted. With all the individual developers of the "ORIGINAL TEMPLATE" we call Combat Arms is NOT what most think it is. In simple words? Data Collector. Might explain the lack of "moderation" on their part? Not to taint the natural occurrence of Social and IT transfer information ?
      Well? Without the "Community based" part of the data collection? There IS no Combat Arms. Matter a fact? I think the link I followed back in 2008 said " Closed Beta In Progress" Apply for KEY*. Then I followed link to page that had this: "Combat Arms First Free To Play Community Based FPS" ? I'm pretty sure thats how CA was first advertised. So On that Note? Difference between Reloaded and Classic?
      Classic has the "Social". The "Lobby" and ability to watch others and know a difference, and choose sides, and Laugh and Frown, and Cry and Kick, And; Just ADDS REALNESS. Lobby Drama does need moderating. I even wish I had more nudges from whom I actually believed in. Need Lobby, Need Moderators, Need choice between graphics, Need Choice of who we play with or let our kids play with.
      Since June 2008, My Life will be different forever. I OWE MY LIFE* too Those I met here AND the Producers* at that time, that' "was that doorway" for me to "Open my Eyes" and Meet People. Test My Own "Tolerance". Not into winning a game, but, Existing in a complete "Insecure" world. Sure over time we develop attachments. And End results are not always good. But? What about the total accumulation of Data? LoVE HaTE LoVE ?
      That's right! I'm sub-Dropping on this Topic. Our Stuff is Still on our OG Migrated accounts for RE LOADED., And Our STUFF !
      Some have i'm sure thousands and thousands of dollars $ dropped on their accounts. I for one did not spend to secure an investment or have an advantage over others. I spent my time and money sponsoring "Clan Events". And Gifting didn't accumulate the "GRADE". And I was Diamond YEARS and YEARS ago. I spent it on those around me that I liked. So what. Isn't that part of Life? That "PUSH" to maybe try some different approach and see a good side of whats around us? Never heard someone say that" BUMP" felt good?
      This Template* was being developed in part by people that were building SPACESHIP* back in 2006-8. I must give tribute to believing that a Project is like a child and is not forgotten.
      Our accounts that not make it out of old NEXON ? Well? is like a house one owns? walk away and leave it for years and it might not be there when get back? Or Choose to take easy road over the relaxing drive over the hill? Who's fault are all your's decisions?
      That's RIGHT! I'm JAWS! And Think before Jumping into the OCEAN !