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  • have balls?

    to every GM and MG this is shithole i will slaughter ur filthy worthless mother, make her suffer to the last breath, make u watch, rape ur cuckold dad till breakdown and leave them to the street dog to piss on them and let them rot slowly and decay by maggots, FK TURKEY FK ARABS FK ISREAL FK ALL OF YOU BAREBACKED SISSIES ******S, KOS OM KOL EL 3ARAB WELAD DEEN EL METNAKA WELAD DEEN EL SHARMOTA WELAD DEEN KAHBA ELLY MALHASH TAMN, WEL DAKR YEGELY ANEK OMOKO ANEK RABAKO ANEK KOS OM ELLY GABKO YA WELAD DEEN EL LAWBA EL MAHTOOKA