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The World Cooltime System

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  • The World Cooltime System

    what do y'all think about this system?

    The World Cooltime System is set up to regulate and balance certain Specialist Support items.

    In order to prevent spamming or abuse of such items, the World Cooltime System restricts how frequently these items can be used.
    All players are affected by the World Cooltime System. For example, in an Elimination Game, if a player on Alpha uses the Airstrike Designator-LGB, all players on both Alpha and Bravo with an Airstrike Support item must wait for the World Cooltime System to finish before another Airstrike can be launched.


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    I would like to know how it translates over to every other spec item not just airstrike since that one have had a cooldown before.
    Since its going to restrict the use of the same item for both sides not just the side that used it, it will be a function that disencurrages fair games in my opinion.
    Had it simply limited the use for each side then it wouldnt have been encurraging unfair play though hogging of specialist item uptime.


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      That's a terrible idea, that disrupts the flow of gameplay.