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    Hello Combat Arms!

    I am so happy that the decision has been made to go ahead with bringing back classic, as I think Nexon ruined the game as the years progressed! However with all of my excitement, and can't help but to think of a couple of concerns that will either make the switch to classic really awesome, or extremely demotivating. Below I will list the concerns, and I would greatly appreciate if anyone (Preferably Staff) could answer these questions. Along with this, I hope that the community can use this thread to respectfully voice their concerns as well.

    Main Concern(s):

    - As years went by, a large number of new guns and functions came into the game. A lot of us have put hundreds of dollars in securing these items Permanently. For a player who is looking to fully switch over to Classic, I assume that some things won't be transfering over. We need a way to transfer what we had, maybe being able to sell your items back to CG credit to purchase the perms on classic. I would love to hear if anyone else had input on this topic because I do believe it's extremely important.

    - Maybe there's a FAQ answering this question, however I find it hard to navigate the Valofe interface, so I will ask it here. Are we going to restart in rank, or keep ranks? Along with this, are Guns/Items going to be rank restricted again?

    - Is there going to be the division between "NX Items" and "GP Items" again? Currently you can buy anything with GP, which I think was one of the few good changes Nexon made with their evolution of combat arms.

    Again, I hope that some of these questions can be answered!

    Thank you

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    I agree with some of your concerns and I will very shortly like to expand on the matter.

    - I believe there are weapons that absolutely need to be removed from the game when they do release the Classic and I so agree it would be nice if we were to be refunded on some of those items that we did spend money on to have permanent. To add to this is there a definite answer whether or not these weapons will be removed or not.

    - I too am curious about ranks and the rumors of removing CIC ranks.

    - There are things in Reloaded that were done very well and to completely open the shop to both GP and (Real Money) was by far one of the best. I am a strong believer in no P2W and strictly Skinned/Cosmetic and or EXP/GP boost items being the only items purchasable by spending real money and I am guilty of supporting great games by spending money on such items. So I do believe that both the community and I would like to have a solid response on that matter.

    - Lastly the community is without a doubt going to be divided between those who want Reloaded us those of us who want Classic. The only question I have is with this small but devoted community in Classic can we expect to have as little as possible division within the game as far as servers go.


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      I want them to transfer our accounts.