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(Open Beta) I started from RECRUIT?

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  • (Open Beta) I started from RECRUIT?

    Hey, I logged in with my account and it said I didn't have a character and needed to create a new one. I thought it was strange because I already had a 4+ years old account with a high level character, but since it was open beta I figured everyone had to create a new character.

    Now I enter a game and see a lot of high ranks and this is impossible to get in 2 hours, which is the time sicne the open beta opened, so clearly a lot of people were able to get their old rank back. Hopw do I get MY old rank + kills + kd back? I don't want a clean slate, I want my old character back because it had sentimental value.

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    IGN: KissEmoji


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      Yeah I didnt see the restore button when logged out. Kinda bad design. After I logged in there was the button to transfer my rank. yay!