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Same account (inventory/rank) and same shop for classic and reloaded

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  • Same account (inventory/rank) and same shop for classic and reloaded


    Grouped the 2 games, same : rank, inventory, shop for classic and reloaded combat arms.

    It would be nice if the classic have same shop than combat arms reloaded, so it would be possible to have one and the same account for the 2 games!

    this will avoid dividing the players.

    And for the moment it's useless the play classic combat arms, because why pay for (pay 2 win) game, while we can have exactly the same equipment / weapons for free money on reloaded game... unless you're stupid.

    This will avoid also dividing the players.
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    To be honest, it'd be nice to have my gear from reloaded if nothing else. Or if they'd just add back the forge guns into classic. I want my Thompson damn it. It just feels wrong not to have it.


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      They aren't going to transfer your inventories over to Classic, This has been said multiple times.