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    Hello Valofe!

    I urge you guys to please read this message, as I feel like a lot of the community will agree with me, and maybe you guys will too. I STRONGLY believe and hope that you guys will consider selling each Bloody/Valentine weapon separately. As it is, we must spend 16 dollars on a case, and get an Item that we very well may not like. I am not going to buy this crate, and I feel like if you guys separated the Items individually, I would DEFINITELY purchase some of the items. I hate chance, I always lose when gambling. I want to support VALOFE so that you guys can continue to run Combat Arms. Please Please consider this message

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    gc is very expensivet here's a mistake in the store. they do maintenance and they don't fix it. there is a bug in the game I have played in Brazil yesterday was very nice and successful we had the characters and boxes and those boxes were always in the store kalıcıdı can be taken at any time
    and there was a rank in the rental weapons and equipment. and NX was cheap we had characters that didn't happen. there was no mistake in the game. I hope they'll be fine.