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Great Combat arms again => What do you impove to bring back a good CA again?

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  • Great Combat arms again => What do you impove to bring back a good CA again?

    Combat Arms was my favorite FPS for a variety of reasons, and it would be important to me that this game becomes playable again and that a larger community comes back on the servers of this game. CA is different from other FPS because of its gameplay, but being free to play, NEXON has decided to make maximum money without worrying about gameplay and thus destroying the game over time. Here for me what would be the ideal ARMS COMBAT. This is purely my opinion, but I think the game requires great change to become a pleasant game to play and especially a minimum addictive. Here are the elements that make my gaming experience bad and that should be improved.

    a)Put reloaded elements in the classic:
    -To be able to transfer our reloaded inventory to the classic
    -Reloaded mouse system
    -Ranked the reloaded
    -Fluidity of the game

    b)Balance the gameplay:
    =>No longer have OP weapons
    List of weapons to be removed (all their variants):
    • Heartbeat sensor and detector
    • AR-15 double barrels
    • Duals scorpions / Orthus
    • Spec and assassin items
    • Visionary weapons

    Lists of weapons to rebalance (all their variants):
    • Sg50 / MSR / tango51 / ASW338LM (too precise, make incredible sniper moves possible, you do not even have to experiment to put crazy kills)
    • All epic, GOLD and demoniac weapons (put on the same level as the shop's weapons, if they still have to exist, make them hard to obtain without being OP)
    • any skin of the same weapon must have the same statistics (statistics of m416 = statistics of m416 camo)
    • M6A2
    • MK14 MOD 0
    • M416 CQB
    • P90 TR
    • B type 97 (put it in SMG and not pistol ...)
    • Pistols auto (put very few bullets for example to avoid use as an SMG)
    • M67 HE FRAG (slightly decrease its power)
    • USP tactical

    =>No longer have OP gears
    -No longer have any advantage for female characters. They are much harder to touch than male characters because they are less larg.
    -Delete SETS items
    -Remove speed on head and face items
    Balance recon and light vest (eg: recon 10 speed and -10 protection, light 5 speed and -5 protection). This would have a playable game from the point of view of movements, to have different styles of play compared to speed and protection without having characters going faster than 10 (or 15 speed) which is unplayable and removes all possibility balanced competition ...)
    -Do not have any setup to tank your head for sure (ex: sombrero + any mask with +10 headshot protection). Limit the limit percentage (ex: 50% max headshot protection).
    -No longer have items that can be 100% protected from some effects like flash grenades, burns, gas. Imposing a limit for all this (50% seems appropriate).
    -Limit stamina to a correct percentage (eg 20%)
    o Backpack removing more speed
    o Balance the characters
    o Remove attachments for gears
    o Remove abilities
    o Remove KDR / HP vision
    o Improve smoke grenades and flash (these 2 types of grenades are never played because they are useless at the moment)
    Smoke: no longer see the name of the enemies through and make them longer and denser
    Flash: Can only be flashed from the front and increase the range and the time when we are flashed
    c)Make the game competitive:
    -SnD only in no BP. Important because this mode is a sacred mode in CA. This is a way to use your weapon and know the least of its reactions is essential. The skill, the aim and the placement must take precedence over the OP equipment of a person without skill who has more money.
    -Eli pro with backpack but the number of primary weapons must be limited to 2 to avoid the over-equipment of some players and end up facing players who have a weapon by situation (an SG for the short range, an AR for the medium range or to put heads and sniper for the hardscope and the long range.I find this abused and it is impossible to play according to the opponents and their weapons as they have one for any situation. , we could approach a sniper player and take him to melee or play from afar an SG player and like that have a little more brain than just switch weapon ...)
    -Forcing the first person on the cam to die in clan wars and ranked. The information given by a dead player who watches his teamates is abused ...
    -Organize tournaments with strict rules
    -Return the ESL
    -Put a competent anti-hack
    -Fix bugs and streamline the game
    -List of bugs that I could see after a few hours of play (22/03/18)
    • Must double or triple click to jump to some places
    • Roll back => when you pass a door or when you jump over a wall
    • Bug Hitbox: Recon (theoretical g36e and in practice when stopped: 38 damage in the tron. ​​In practice of game, I sometimes have to put 4 or 5 bullets .. The same for the AK47, 3 bullets are enough normally, I have sometimes put 4 bullets in the body to a recon to kill ...)
    -Improve the graphics
    -Have the opportunity to train with his team or alone on a map without BOTS. Training nadetricks with unlimited grenade and no one else or with some friends on the map

    You do not have to have a pay to win to have a game that works and a large community. We are only a few thousand to play this game because it is unbalanced and very frustrating for many of us. This game has a lot of potential to become a very good free to play, it only has to see the success it had before all the crap updates NEXON rotted the game. Do not do same mistakes as them where you can close this game that does not make money anything anyway ...

    Thank you for taking all this into consideration!

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    remove spec and assasins items ? you really think this will help to the game ? remove just will destroy it more. maybe some rebalance can fix it.
    "delete sets items" why ? and about the speed you forgot what about QR.
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      Remove this items is necessary for all mods of CA. I was a QR player when I began CA but Spec items and speed destroy the real goal of the game. QR was a man hunt, now it's a infected hunt... I thing you are one of this player who hates the difficulty because you are bad


      • skaymancer
        skaymancer commented
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        yes I do hate spec items but removel is not needed speed isn't a even a problem maybe only with females.
        go play reloaded without specs and high speed if its hard for you.
        there is reason why its called classic and not reloDEAD.
        I guess you again from those guys that crying about specs and then when they got removel the game is died more like in the past.
        look at reloaded example nobody playing QR there because of those nerfs and because there is no specs/Emods.
        all what you said are mistakes that nexon did with reloaded and before reloaded.
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      • quent07
        quent07 commented
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        Thanks you for your response, but in Classic Combat arms, before epic weapons and OP weapons, that was real CA. If you are a player of 2015, who doesn't play without OP, you can't understand.