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    Hello, here are some suggestions that could be add to Combat Arms : The Classic :

    1) Maybe you can bring back the Grey/Black hisec cases, the Ghost Hisec Case gives items for 1 or 7 days duration which is not interesting at all, Grey and Black Hisec Cases had a real impact on the game and were so much better than the Ghost hisec case.
    2) Specialists and Assassins are now useless, everyone can use Spec/Assassins weapons and there are special weapons everywhere. Why not bringing back the Specialists weapons JUST for the specialists. All Specialists characters are now just characters and I think that the Specialists were actually a good way to balance the game. Also, that's how the game worked few years ago so I think you can do something for that.
    3) Rework the survival pass, for me it's way to hard to get a simple rank in it, maybe add new ranks and balance it ?
    4) The survival pass is way too expensive...
    5) Balance the jobs and the rewards, sometimes, as a player, you have to get 60 kills (which takes time) just to get a simple Ghost hisec key (and we all know that the Ghost Hisec Case is kind of bad) I think that, sometimes, jobs takes too much time for a bad reward.

    Here is what I think the game should be. For me, it would attract more players if the game was like its beginning.

    Thank you for reading me,


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    Especially the Survival VIP PASS system is a total mess. I play all kinda games (FT, elim.) I still only get to lvl 8. Higher seems almost impossible to reach, unless you wanna play Blood Arene 8h a day. I dont get that... Broken system


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      I agree with you man! This should be reworked...

      However, looks like Valofe did something good : The price of the survival pass decreased !

      Thank you for that but there is still the Specialists problem in the game...

      Bring back the Classic that we liked...