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  • A few suggestions

    Hello, so I collected some ideas for some events or things that can be changed. My native language is not English so I am sorry when I make spelling or grammar mistakes.

    1. Weapon forge
    Bring back the good old Weapon forge where you could exchange your weapon. For example, you could exchange the L115A3 for the S 58 Muskete.

    2. Weapon rental
    Quit the rental system so we can do the Upgrade Jobs. Now these Jobs are only available for Weapons that are not rentaled. For example, you can only get the MP5 MOD Mark II when you kill 100 Enemies with the MP5 MOD that is not ranteled (bought with GC).

    3. Abilities
    They are in the game; you can buy them and use them. But there is no „official“ way to do it like in the past where you got the ability menu. Maybe bring back the 4-slot ability license and the Warlord ability too.

    4. Arms Race Weapon rotation
    I´d love to see a Weapon Rotation for Arms Race. I think there are the same weapons like in the beginning of Combat Arms the Classic. And maybe rotate the weapons like every Month.

    5. Events
    Make some Ingame Event to the current events like Combat Arms Reloaded, they made an EXP Event for the Ramadan. I remember in the past there were EXP events at a special time from 11:00 – 14:00 CEST and 18:00 – 21:00 CEST maybe bring that back on the weekends for example.

    6. Ingame Events
    Bring back the good old events like the 5 shot event and Scorpions vs Spider event. But don’t put all events to the same time online. Now there are enough event online. Only start a few events but rotate them continuously.

    7. Event
    Weapons and GearAdd the event gear to the shop while the event is running. Like now there are the Scorpion vs Spider gear/weapon, many (maybe all) country Recon vests, the turkey head, the football helmet (Gridiron Guard) and many country related weapons in the shop.
    In my opinion the better idea is to add them in to the shop when there is a special day or add all items from one country for one week to the shop and then a few weeks later items from another county.

    8. Weapon unlocks through Ranks
    In my opinion it is the best way to unlock weapons through ranks and I do not mean the rental weapon system where you unlocked everything at the level of Captain. I mean the old way where you unlock weapons even with the level of BG or GEN.

    9. Black and Gray HiSecs
    In my opinion the Black and Gray HiSec Cases were better than the Ghost HiSec Cases. The items that are available in the Ghost HiSec Case are not not even worth doing the Job for the Key.

    10. Bonus EXP-Pass
    The only way to get Bonus Exp Passes (100%+) is through the Rank up Cases if I am right.
    Maybe adding the Myst-Bonus Pass or Myst EXP isn’t a bad idea.

    11. Too Overpowered gear
    I think there are too many Mystic Weapons / Gear in the game. A while ago there only were a few Mystic Weapons in the game (Andromalius, Azazel (-Revived), Orthus, Legion)
    and now I see Mystic everywhere. For example, the Gear you can get easy 34% speed and then you still have enough protection.
    I think every week they are adding more Mystic items that are better and stronger. In my opinion that is how Nexon ruined the game by adding more and better items to the shop every time.

    This might be a bug report too, but when you start the Combat Training (the second training stage) where you normally fight against bots it starts the Training Grounds Map and when you complete it says you already received the reward.

    Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!


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    +1 nice suggestions!


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      Puedo sumar que me gustaría que se logre una competividad de clanes? me gustaría poder tener a mi clan y ver cuando perdimos o ganamos (RESULTADOS) y así también un ranking ACTIVO de USUARIOS, antes NEXON tenía todo actualizado y ahora esto parece un negocio lucrativo, nada más. Creo que no cuesta mucho lo que estoy pidiendo. Saludos y media pila Valofe.