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  • Sound Reverb Effect

    Hi, Can you add sound reverb effect for closed maps like overdose and hellgate?
    By sound reverb I mean being able to hear players from far distance with a little echo'ing like it used to be, you will hear players shout "I'M PLANTING A MINE", "OUT OF AMMO!", "HEY SAME TEAM!". I am pretty sure nexon removed it accidentally when they added a low pass filter thing on 2015. Currently, It's so silent when you play on the map overdose (the most popular map on quarantine regen) which makes it kinda boring so I feel it will be great to add that again. and it's good to mention sound reverbing is one of the most important sound effects after some research you can see it on game engines with the other essential settings (volume and pitch). This little detail gives the game a nice touch and makes it more alive.
    Also to be honest I tried to look at the game files and I can see where did nexon messed up. which made me say it was removed by accident.

    Here is a video from 2009 where you can clearly hear the players shouting and you can also hear weapon bullets impacts aswell:

    And at the end I know there are more important things to do to improve the game but just wanted to mention this thing and how it impacts the game.

    Aaaand Sorry, for my bad English.

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    Hello and sorry for the late reply.

    I am a Combat Arms player since 2009 and i have quit the game in 2013. I have recently started playing again and when i was playing overdoes and other maps, i also thought that the place was so silent and that i couldn't hear gunfire even from mid to close range which is a shame. I did some research on youtube and i believe that the low pass filter that you are talking about has been added in 2015 and is probably an accident like you said. I hope this gets restored as it adds so much to the atmosphere of the game ,though i doubt that Valofe will try anything to make the game better lol.