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Quarantine Regen (Zombie Game/Freerunning Game) WITH MODES!

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  • Quarantine Regen (Zombie Game/Freerunning Game) WITH MODES!

    Okay so not sure if you guys pay attention but READ THIS PLEASE! My name is SnowyIsTaken, i'm known has "FAF" we have a youtube channel called TheGentlemanHD and i'm the leader, and i have strong believes this game has potential to go viral if we focus on the zombie side of the game alot more, people love zombies, and alot of people lot to be specs and alot of people love to freerun. Now if we made just touched quarantine up a bit for free runners and specs and make 2 modes for different and or match making. But it has a chance to go viral with the freerunning aspect mode. Don't give up. I would gladly be a GM on the side allowing people to play certain modes to bring more people to the game and returning players and grow the game. So much potential. Dont give up you valofe gms!