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    Hi community and valofe.

    We have a lot of suggenstions and ideas. Secondly is new content for game.

    We know that you are a lot of work with Classis CA.but the idea of ​​a new map in the game is great step for OLD CA. In our community we worked a long time on this map. And that's not all. we are working on a new character of a specialist for the game. but come imagine a our map.

    Desert Hell
    Type: Desert
    Weather: Night
    The Game modes who can be available:
    • Capture the flag
    • Elimination
    • Elimination Pro
    • Quarantine
    • One man Army
    • Last Man Standing
    • VIP Elimination
    • Arms Race

    Desert hell is big map with a lot of content and hidden place. This map did it a lot of people from czech and slovak community.

    Alpha site:

    Is a Miltary base. with cars, trucks,trench, towers and lies opposite town ruins.

    Bravo site:

    Is in a ruins. before the pyramids. they have a lot of hidden place and inteligent players who know good camp will come to yours. destroyed burning tanks and trucks, barrels,boxes, lamps,destroyed houses.

    Bonus content:

    + We working on a new model Specialist his name is a Ahmed Abdel Kader Samir. He is SAS crew of refugees from Libya.
    + New package with a specialist (content: Ahmed scarf, Ahmed m4a1, Ahmed knife)

    Sound goods ? we will be glad for a feedback.

    greetings from czech and slovak community. Thank you from feedback
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    well done but it surely still needs alot of changes and reworks but that was a cool map. would it be cool if its available for QR as well.