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  • My suggestion list.

    I wanted to actually make video about how to make CA GRATE AGAIN , but decided to do lazy thing and spam in here instead, who knows maybe this will have some impact, anyway I will try to make long boring backstory and list things we need in new old classic combat arms and how to make it ok after it.

    I am playing this game since 2009, not the total start, but about same year it first appeared in Europe. I first played it up until about 2011 and then I first quit this game, then returned year later and played more. I have been hopping on and off this game several times, last time I returned was about October of 2016, I actually found some people to play with and we started doing it regularly (all old players I knew had quit this game long time ago), we were using voice chat and actually having fun in this game, for first time I was considering to spend money here, but then RELOADED came, first was the beta, we all hopped right to it to get rewards, we did not pay too much attention on interface, however people were complimenting better graphics and it supposedly run better for them also, most of games was testing matchmaking only, to play together we disconnected and reconnected to play together, however we mostly were not playing serious, I was one of guys who started using explosives only in ranked games, mainly as protest to the fact we had explosives in them, in first place (we were used to play without nades). To be honest it turned out fun to play explosives only, but this is issues with reloaded so lets turn back to classic combat arms finally.

    Combat arms never was a great game, so term make CA great again kind of loses sense, however it was best shooter out there. Mainly due to fact that you had people to play with, the core gameplay, modes and feel of the game. It always had issues what were never fixed, I have been in various communities, I have hacked in this game (I got few accounts banned back when I first quit this game), I loved glitching when it was a thing (there are still some left, like rattlesnake roof glitches and some others), I am large DT and DF fan, back in the day liked zombie modes, now I avoid them completely, generally I only played elimination pro, search and destroy, some arms race, fireteam, thats it, so how can we revive this game ?

    1) Keep elite moderators - I always played ONLY in elite rooms, the fact for that is only room rules and hackers. For players who mainly played elim rpo, they will know that each room had its name as part of rules for that room. Issue here is however, elite abuse, for this reason I 90% times joined only elite side if I did not know that particular played. How can we fix this ? We need some way to set allowed guns in elite rooms (let that be option for elite only) For example you open new popup where you have list of gun variants, you can set all ar15, all dual weapons, shotguns, etc OR some specific variants to disabled for using in games, this will fix room name problem. Next there need to be more punishment for kicking players, but this need to be though out more.. I have seen cases that enemy team what have hacker (visible aimbotting, flying etc) to vote AGAINST kicking him, because that player gave then advantage. Combat arms players generally like advantage over other players, the unbalanced gameplay as far as it is not too unbalanced. it may not be all, but it sure is trend with a lot of players.
    There should be at least 2 types of elite moderators - 1 what is basic and you can buy it or get free permanent with certain rank. 2 - super eilte what CANT BE OBTAINED PERMANENT, it may give some extra features, like choosing specific gun not allowed, bigger bonuses etc, this mod also should be gotten for few days for every level players gets AFTER have obtained basic mod. This will tease players enough to buy it after they lose, and keep them in game to get extension.
    One more thing regarding elites , there should be HUGE penalties for clicking in clan matches !

    2) Revisit the gun nerfs. Loads of guns were re balanced, and I agree with loads of that nerfs, so generally this should be brought back to classic, BUT we still need some NX(dont know how new money is called) advantage (small) to focus players on spending money on game. Main - keep g36 nerfed for gods sake.

    3) Return launcher damage. Launchers like RPG and LAW were reduced too much, damage needs to return, however range may be kept lower than original, similar with rest of explosives

    4) Permanent stuff. I think all guns/gear with more than 2 gold stars (epic and legend I think) should only be obtainable for specific time, and each week some random guns of these should be available in shop, this will also make steady income to valofe. In general I think all lowest rank guns should able to obtain for perm at all times (all bronze maybe ), the rest only on specific times. DO NOT MASS GIVE AWAY GUNS PERM FOR FREE. We like free stuff, but I think it is bad practice, all it does is bring players to do event, get gun and stop playing again. I have about 10 accounts in this game and amounts of times I got perm stuff for just logging in is ridiculous.

    5) Return rank restrictions and give out decent rank rewards - this gives players reason to play game and level up.

    6) Reduce the exp gain. Back when ca started exp and gp gain was really small. You can recognise old players by HUGE kill counts, even my first account had like 200 000 kills while my highest rank had only like 20k. we did get all these 600% bonus passes and so on. I think leveling should be slower, but GP gain should be still quite high.

    7) Keep nerfed sensors. I hated the fact that sensors were bug part when I last returned to game, but I got used to them, they should be quite bad, but still usable

    8) Keep specialists - specialists should return, but each room should have checkbox to allow them. They also should not be able to obtain for PERM, maybe max 30 days.

    9) Keep updated graphics - if it possible there should be option to have updated graphics - this will attract more new players.

    10) Add matchmaking, but dont keep it as main focus - game always was lobby custom room based game, however matchmaking could be nice additional for some players, if it shows amount of players queued and does not take ages.

    11) Regarding accounts - I am not sure if game will let us keep our accounts or not, if all accounts are transferred AS-IS, then valofe will get less money, because most active players will already have all the stuff, BUT they will be more likely to keep playing this game, therefore bringing back more people who may not have all stuff yet. IF everything is from zero.. I am not sure it will be good idea, one way to solve this would be partial transfer, not sure, in anyway giving big middle finger for players who spent money before would be bad, BUT to keep some of rules from above, maybe all guns and gear may be reduced from perm to some limited time, lets say 180 days, at least in case of all epics and they can all be sent to inbox for new accounts. But still I somehow want it all start from ZERO with some rewards, to leave all the cancer to reloaded. Giving away extra rewards based on merged account may be middle ground here.

    12) Rankings - people like to measure up to each other, return weekly, daily rankings

    13) More detailed player stats - return old full status, also make sure multi kill, ultra kill and etc stats can be seen somewhere. maybe even another leaderbord for that, could be fun, and all you need it to make some queries to player DB to get that stuff.

    14) Ban list - it would be good to have list of banned players, and reports DB, may be useful sometimes.

    15) EVENTS - we need loads of events. One of nice ones was specific weapon events, that let players familiarize with less popular guns. some daily login is a MUST, players who are really active and play a lot should be rewarded for that. When I was actively playing in loads of cases we kep player so that one guy of could get that or that task done, therefore keeping all of us longer here. Also events for specific maps may be nice, as far as it is not mainstream, I remember playing loads of SnD back in the day, and we player some maps lay gray hammer, pump jack, rattle and more, loads of maps do not get any attention, I personally hate oil rig, but I completely fine with oil rig. Opinions may differ across players what events are good or not.

    16) Stop blocking countries - Nexon blocked loads of small countries from combat arms europe, for example Baltic countries. That also cut off some community, ideally player should be able to join across servers and there should be some indicator, for example ping, what could help player choose server/channel to play in.

    17) More clan emblems - I am not sure if nexon revised all clans at end or no, anyway more emblems is a must.

    18) Reward players for testing of classic early, some customized, even cosmetic stuff is always really nice.

    19) Make map making/ mode making/ brainstorm events. I am sure there are talented 3d designers, programmers, scriptwriters and whatever here. I remember there was some event like that where players designed a map for this game. If you can give necessary requirements, file types etc, you can let community contribute to this game. You can can see after all this fuss people are still loyal to this game, let us contribute to make this game better. Lets create new desert thunder map, new zombie map, new regular maps. I would love some indoor based maps like short fuse. Loads of potential in this for future especially if valofe allows players to even make maps, for example as 3ds max file, I am not sure what formats LithTech supports.

    20) Regarding clan icons, there need to be some availability check, because at times after loads of emblems are taken, it is just pain in ass to choose emblem and then you click on some random shitty one and it registers it without double conforming it.

    21) Add several modes apart from PCM/Normal, as we know there are some unofficial rules like GO4CA and some others, it would be nice for volafe to actually come forward and add specific modes what allows guns and gear according to that rules, but one thing to say - not all go4ca rules are same, it sometimes is according to elite - if he dont like your gun, it will be op But I guess one large discussion may solve this. Maybe adding another classic variant, for players what liked CA from CA 2012 or 2011 or whatever days, it can just be limitation to specific guns and bang you have several versions of game what can please several demographics and player bases.

    22) Crates - I liked them, but it could be nice to have option to disable them in game, for example, if you dont want to be disturbed, simple checkbox may be fine, maybe only for elite rooms ?

    23) Spectator mode ? It could be nice to add spectator mode. Player could join and look through clan match of some top clans to learn for example. Could be neat. Just need to make sure it is not abused, as players may give away positions

    24) Do not return nut shot - its cancer

    25) Come forward to Youtubers more - youtubers can bring more players to game and promote it. Also if youtuber approves of game he may bring back players who actually left. BUT this must be done at later phase when game is coming more together.

    26) Fix FORUM ! I am getting random errors I am not authorized to edit posts etc, but after some tries it works.

    27) Increase item limit in inventory !

    //In progress
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    Black and gray keys? (items/boxes)


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      I don't know how to say this exactly but aswell keep the mouse movement or whatever, they're quite smoother tbh.


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        Love the editing crashing one me guess I have too long post