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1 Database & 2 clients?

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  • 1 Database & 2 clients?

    Would this be possibile? There're many apps \ programms which use this method.. why not doing it for a game? it'll solve this rank issue without duplicating anything if it works.
    Items that are not allowed in Reloaded should be highlighted in red, and the player can't equip them [if already equipped he's not allowed to join a match].


    GP rates should be changed to be the same on both clients, so there'll not be players that farm them on a single game, and then change client for the lowest price.

    It will take maybe a little more time, but it sounds less complicated than having to mess with all our ranks. what you guys think?

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    VALOFE wants to show the size of their testicles by trying to host 2 different servers, Classic and Reloaded. I don't think Classic will last for too long though. There was too much negative feedback regarding Classic anyway.