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  • Mouse Acceleration

    Please give us more mouse settings. The mouse acceleration in this game makes it literally unplayable.
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    It is necessary to put the sensitivity as well as the parameters of CA Reloaded on the Classic because on the Classic have too much difficulty to be precise I think that there is a sensitivity option to integrate in the game that can not withdraw (l acceleration of movement) and that's just horrible I can not play because of that ... On CA Reloaded can change this sensitivity from 0.1 to 0.1 while on CA Classic it is 1 in 1. If you can put the same sensitivity settings of the mouse as well as its options on the Classic it would be great because it is clearly not playable ... Attached is an image of my razer synapse that shows the sensitivity option I'm talking about. She is not a coach because I hate it but on the game she and there is very painful.


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      Pls valofe make mouse movement and speed like in reloaded this is very very shit i cant play normal, because im player who play on low sensitivity and i cant play with sniper zoom for example with 1.2 sensitivity thats bullshit.....classic is great but that mouse bugs and shit are so ****ed that need to be priority to make again ... Please-..