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    every time that i join to the web i can see bring back the classic to 2015 and i have to say the game is not even close to how he was in 2015 what happend to the VIP channel? why the game is always stuck why my keyboard is always get crashed why every game i need to play with hackers? why the GM's doesnt make sure to fix it ? why there are not enough servers what happend to the veteran server? and where is my old account why i cant bring it back? thats why people are leaving the game i left when nexon crashed the game and make the reloaded and i left with the same reason like everyone else i returned when i heard that u bring back the classic version and left again because i saw how much the game is destroyed i returned now because i missed the game and every single minute i can see the video of the classic and read the words back to 2015 its not back to 2015 its not even close i suggest to thinking how can you make the game better and fix all the problems thanks alot !!! also i will be glad if u give a chance again to bring our old accounts back...