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Requesting Super Moderator/Moderator to have access to No Auto-Turret Restriction.

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  • Requesting Super Moderator/Moderator to have access to No Auto-Turret Restriction.

    As the title states I would like to request that a Super Moderator/Moderator can have access to a No Auto-Turret Restriction.

    I have a super moderator and I only currently restrict no shotguns. With that, players bring in the Auto-Turret and other things, but I want to focus on why there should be an No Auto-Turret Restriction.

    With Auto-Turret in play it gives the enemy player questions, Can I take out the Auto-Turret before I get killed or Do I get distracted by it and get killed by another close-by player? With the Auto-Turret in play players have found ways to use the Auto-Turret to put them in places that not even a grenade can destroy it. In most cases more than one enemy player will run Auto-Turret and put them in the front-line position on the map so that players will be forced to play more defensively and even then, the enemy will place even more Auto-Turrets in spawn to apply more pressure causing players to waste unneeded resources when it could have been used to get a kill on the enemy instead of an Auto-Turret which creates an uncomfortable gameplay experience causing Super Moderators to kick players using them to the point they either join a room that would allow them like mine or they just turn off the game all in general.

    With the No Auto-Turret Restriction players would more likely join those rooms so that they can have a slightly more comfortable experience playing Combat Arms: Classic as players can focus on using only the guns they get and other tools while not worrying they won't have to deal with an Auto-Turret so players would be more likely to keep playing it.

    If I see that this post was seen and that they implement a No Auto-Turret restriction it would encourage a lot of players including myself to play this game more and spend some cash on it to thank the developers for listening to this feedback to help slightly improve the gameplay experience.