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GameGuard Error - Discover Hacking

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  • GameGuard Error - Discover Hacking

    Good Morning,
    I updated the game as usual to play on my weekend. After a few minutes of playing, around 10 min, I receive the message "Discover Hacking" and the game shuts down.
    I googled the error, found some solutions that I applied.

    Cleaned Temp Files,
    corrected some errors using CCleaner,
    closed all software that may cause the problem while playing.

    I never use neither will ever use hacks on the game that i have been playing for 9 years.
    I dont know what to do but this error is driving me crazy.

    Best Regards to everyone.

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    I use AVG and I sometimes have to deactivate it temporary. That way I get around that "discover hacking" issue


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      I have the exact same issue.. i cleared the temp folder, used CCleaner and even set TCP Master Rules and all. Even when i deactivate my Security Software i get the error... could you fix it and if how did you do it?


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        I have the same problem and I tried everything, I've wrote at VFUN yesterday but they didn't reply me


        • Sheriff2020
          Sheriff2020 commented
          Editing a comment
          FIXED: I had the same problem of Game Guard Discover Hacking and Server Disconnected. The problem is that there is another program using a file in the GameGuard folder. Here is how to fix: Right click combat arms and OPEN FILE LOCATION. Openon the GameGuard folder. Highlight all the files and click DELETE. There will one file that will not delete. It will say Can Not Delete in use by (what every program is using it) Mine was my Corsair4 Link that is used to monitor my computer water cooling system. Since I really do not need to monitor it, because the Bios should tell me if there is an issue, I went into Task Manager and closed the program.

          I reinstalled combat arm (for game guard to reinstall) and started playing Combat Arms...and it crashed. I went in to Task manager again and saw that Corsair turned itself on due to the fan speed changing. So I deleted the Corsair app and IT IS FIXED! Played almost all night lol.

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        same problem...
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