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  • Rank problem

    I am a combat arms player since 2011, i have an account migrated from nexon to valofe
    lately i have been playing my player on reloaded, everything is fine there.
    today i have logged into the same account in Combat Arms Classic, My rank is CPL instead of GEN, Even in the same clan 004 ,I have no gp, no permanents, no inbox items, no kd.
    looking for help fast !
    Thank you in advance.
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    Also, a lot of my friends have the same issue as you.
    Some of them try to transfer their account that they have from Reload to Classic and some of them they told me that they lost their accounts(they couldn't log in to reload even they were 100%sure about their ids and passwords ) or they transfer it but as your case their rank was lower.
    I hope an Gm/Fm will help you and them about this issue.