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A lot of turks hacking why

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  • A lot of turks hacking why

    there are plenty of turks that they hacking in that game.Why the most hackers are turks and not get banned?

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    Because they are, in general, largest abusers of the game from old good times ( when it seemed that it will the best game ) and they are in it almost from the beginning ... They love to use all overpowered stuff ( turrets, dual's, orth's, shotguns, thin girls etc ), love to glitch in every hideout and barrier ( behind boxes ) , they are searching for every possible way to kill and not to be killed, to see and not to be seen ....and to shoot from it so that can give them that good feeling of " pwning "...and finally when they spent 20-30euros for super elite, and stuff - they got owned, cos' they are already in game assured that 20-30eu will bring them glory...but it won't...and next, after feeling that you are dumb, is hacking...They think " Why should i give to Nexon 20eur and to be pwned - when I can be skilled ( lol ) for 10 "...that's why...It is in their genes I well as nexon and valofe are allowing that with shi tty anti-hack program and giving them abbility to even put hands on owerpowered stuff...Like they couldn't implement option when u double click on player in room to see what he wears u can see if it is against rules, so, when u r elite and is written " no turrets " in room ( and every turk has it ) - you can kick before game started and not to be limited by 1st minute, votes of others etc, etc...
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      Back in time when CA was still a game of Nexon. it was known that Turkish players were hackers. NOT all Turkish players are hackers tho... Most of them.