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Foofoo14's Guide to surviving QR as infected.

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  • Foofoo14's Guide to surviving QR as infected.

    Hello, my fellow hosts, virals, and mutagens... who's ready to go infect some humans? Ready you are, hmm? NOT SO FAST!!!! Humans surprisingly are smarter than they look, and often carry explosives; this and fire are your main weaknesses. You may think that with your increased stamina and endurance that you can take them all on too; you are sorely mistaken. You will be outnumbered and hunted outright once you are the last one standing, but you will find that with some wit and a little common sense, you will easily be able to survive any match, and even possibly turn the tide in your favor, setting off a chain reaction that results in the infection of all humans.

    Your first tip is not to mindlessly charge a den of humans, as there will likely be a vast assortment of mines and other bad things that will ruin your day. Be mindful of any placement of mines and try to simply jump over them. Also, it is very likely that the humans are not too far away from their mines, so tripping any of them will quickly spell doom for any infected that is too careless or inexperienced.

    Secondly, learn to choose your victim carefully. What that means is that while it may be useful to you and your infected friends to prioritize infecting the more experienced players first if possible, only do so if you are experienced in chasing twitchy free runners and able to maneuver around spec traps and get the drop on them. It's also important to note that trying to infect a free runner that has any shred of skill will be a waste of time and it is better for you to focus on growing your numbers and coming back to them later, as they will then have more infected to worry about and won't be as focused on you as normal; there's also a chance of one of you catching a high value player off guard and infecting from behind, but please don't waste the entire match going after one person and help the rest of the team out.

    Third, your gear affects your health (this should be blatantly obvious). If you have no mutagens, then wear at least a heavy vest or use a Hauser if you aren't too concerned with freerunning or running away in general (you will be slow).

    Fourth, your reach is greater than you think:

    Sometimes you can use your reach to infect humans that seem to be out of range:

    With a simple jump, you increase your effective range.

    With these tips, you should be able to know how to take care of yourself on the battlefield... hopefully at least. You infected can still read, right?

    Thank you for your time, now get out there and bring glory to the horde!