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  • [FIRETEAM COMMUNITY] Desert Thunder

    Hello everybody,

    I'v been playing this game for enough time.
    The community is still hiding (a lot of people for playing determinate modes are going in Brasil Combat Arms) and a solution would be increasing the competition adding new missions for certain modes or increasing the experience given, this would make new people play that mode and maybe, trying it 1 time, they may like it.
    Im talking about desert thunder because as far as i know there are still people that want only that mode out of combat arms. This post maybe will never be see by those, but you Valofe will.
    I really suggest you to bring back some "team" players with a new update regarding FIRETEAMS. As I can see nowadays in Classic, people doesnt know what is good to playing.
    In brasil DESERT THUNDER community is big enough to cover all active player in EU.
    Do we have to wait the lowest step of CA for playing desert thunder again? (referring to the BR -> EU merge)
    make your consideration on that case, because i see no point on NON taking players back.

    just chillin,
    let me know what you think about that.