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Quarantine Regen HP PROBLEM.

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  • Quarantine Regen HP PROBLEM.

    First of all, I want to thank VALOFE for fixing half of the problem Quarantine Regen was facing which was the gears changes such as RECON 10% speed to 15%. But the other half other problem is zombies specifically their HP. You see up in the leading weeks Nexon was preparing for transition into Reloaded they were testing and changing things, for example, one of those things was an increase in ZOMBIES'S HP. DATA is BELOW


    2012-2016 <--- The years of Combat Arms

    Normal HP =150/225 <---HOST HP Normal
    Normal HP =185/275 <---HOST HP Striker
    Normal HP =305/450 <---HOST HP Crusher

    CBT ZOMBIE'S HP( HP of zombies right now)

    Normal HP =350/450(no vest) <-- HOST HP Normal
    Normal HP =280/420 <--- HOST HP Striker
    Normal HP =460/680 <---- HOST HP Crusher I KNOW WTF CRUSHER 680 HP LMAO I NEED 7 NADES

    As you can see this DATA is staggering..... BUT can you see why IM acting a little bit crazy about it?
    I mean don't get me wrong Valofe fixed half of the problem of why QR was dead BUT man look at the HPS THE INCREASE IS LIKE WHAT THE HELL DID WE GIVE THEM A CAPE LMAOO

    It takes me a couple of NADES just to kill a normal one... I been doing numerous runs for the past three days, Heres a short story which is basically a summary of my runs.....

    I'm free running with 12 zombies chasing me and I threw 2 black nades( and yes I didn't miss em SMH!!) I look behind and its still 1 Human left and 12 Zombies.... I been in so many rooms watching free runners and even QUAR Players(So yeah it's not only FREEE RUNNERS have have trouble killing these zombies that are on CRACK LMAO) Like I was saying, I haven't SEEN A SINGLE FREE RUNNER OR QUAR PLAYER ACHIEVE A FANTASTIC OR UNBELIEVABLE and trust me I been in a lot of rooms in these past few three days I'm not saying its impossible its very rare....

    The HPs of ZOMBIES need to be changed back to the way they were, in fact, they MUST be reverted back.

    I have talked to countless of Quar player and free runners, All of have them disagree with this change in QR,( YEAH I EVEN TALKED TO STIFFNINJA)

    VALOFE I'm asking you to do the RIGHT thing and fix this because this was a feature that was in RELOADED it never had a place in CLASSIC or the year(Pre-Reloaded)

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    agree, valofe want me to shot 4 arrows with the explosive crossbow to kill 1 crusher lol.