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Info for reporter with the forum bug!

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  • Info for reporter with the forum bug!

    Hey all,

    we all know, this forum bug, where people are logged in their VALOFE Accounts but can't post on forums, is going on for way too long.
    We are sorry about this and are poking Staff often about it in hope for a fix.

    We would like to offer people still the chance to report player who are violating the terms of agreement.

    That's the reason we offer you to join the official VALOFE Combat Arms Discord Server and share us your reports in this specific channel:


    Thank you for reading and your attention

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    Update for community members with the forum bug:

    Please contact the Customer Support regarding this issue and include your VALOFE ID in the ticket.
    The issue is fixed but affected people need to contact VALOFE via the Support to resolve the issue on their account manually.

    Thanks for attention.