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Hacker Report: CaPTaIN_1

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  • Hacker Report: CaPTaIN_1

    **Game Client:** The Classic

    **Map:** Kill Creek

    **Date/Time:** 08/21/2020 5:08

    **Player name:** CaPTaIN_1

    **Player name:** lLECHERO22l (Hack Supporting) (First and last letter of name is lowercase L)

    **Offence:** Hacking

    **Details:** Speed Hacking/Fly Hacking/ Aimbot Use

    **Video Proof:** (Evidence can be seen at the end of the video after reaching the top of stairs he begins speeding around)

    **Additional Photo of Team:**

    **My IGN:** FT_Josh

    Added Note: Video was started after we asked the team to kick the hacker. As you can see i stated hacking supporting was illegal and ILECHRO22I States "Bla bla bla" and let the hacker remain the entire 14 minute game.

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