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  • Abusive Moderator Brotkrumen

    Hello CombatArms:Classic Community.
    Here I want to report this Forum Moderator and Discord Moderator/Admin with the Name "Brotkrumen"

    You may ask why did she do and what did I do?
    I've simply been asking a question and made a Report.

    What did I ask?
    How "MugyWara" can report someone when he got a Discord Ban.
    After that I've completed my Report about a Player playing with hacks.

    So after all that I've got a response from "Brotkrumen" with the answer "He can still report on the Forum"
    And after that I've gotten BANNED on the Discord Server without doing anything wrong.

    This Forum Moderator needs to be fired. She's doing a terrible bad job she can't handle anything on the Discord and just mutes or ban other players from Discord because she does not like them and covers it with the title "He broke the rules, I can see it via the Logs"

    So If I did something wrong show me it!
    And yes you got the fully rights to show a screenshot of that what I've done wrong here
    This is the reason why this Community is drifting more and more away.

    Screenshots on IMGUR;
    Screen1 - shows the question and the report.
    Screen 2 - shows me getting after the ticket got closed banned on discord without a reason.

    Ah. And no. I'm not MugyWara dont try to give me that Name.