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    Dear Valofe,

    While ago I spend some money on Gcoins. I bought Fire time GC case or what was the name. What I want to say that case was based on first time GC spending. If Im not mistaking that there was like 5 cases at once.
    Back to problem. I cant open thouse cases. When I try to open its pops up- Server error. I understand that you are working to the game and its will be fixed. But the main problem is that now, when I logged in my account, thouse cases was gone!

    Will you give me thouse cases back or Gcoins back?
    Also I can post pictures with purchases history (if needed).

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    Hello EdiBoy21

    May I ask that you please provide a screenshot of video of the bugged item?
    Some additional information can be found here:

    It's slightly different, but the information required are the same.
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