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Please help me, Don't ignore!

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  • Please help me, Don't ignore!

    Hello there,
    First of all, I want to thank you because of this happiest you made for us (Change reloaded to classic)
    Second I want to tell u something, 9/01/2018 VALOFE transferred my account to classic which is really good but i lost alot of things i have like : Orthus (SMG) , SG-50 (SR), MSR (SR), Clan Emblem, Clan color change, and my name color change all this for perm i've lost them.
    And I've lost 15k GC, So please please gimme these to my account, My name was xXMyBro and now Avenot1oNN maybe i change it just follow my ID
    I am sorry to waste ur time and thanks to read this, Bye!

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    The Classic is a closed beta client right now. No acccount datas were transferred. That is a seperate client for a short periode of time. You need to create a complete new character to participate in this beta phase which will be scratched again so soon the beta phase ends. The beta phase is ending today.