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    All maintenance regarding Combat Arms: the Classic will be posted here.
    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    hi i saw the images of clasic ca i wanna know you realy intent to get all you have gave us right and no more guns for gp all for nx/gc stupid rotating(time wasting bigo at the end of each game) juts to get the replicas needed to unlock the stuff which is allready in shop and we can purchaise for gp ? And wtf you gonna split the comunity or what i mean is there gonna be 2 difrent servers like my friend love to play clasic but i love to play reloaded and we cant join 1 room? i mean make the interface like classic it was better and this whit the inventory kick from room is got to be changed
    and stupid medals that give noting i mean i looked at them 1 time in nexon's old ca they are useless (acheved or not)no reward you know + i saw on 1 image full transperency i have like backpack 1 but there is no transperency cosmetic right now +customise i v made my colt1911 silver custumised at max then nexon made a big patch (no specialist no forge no customise) and they made the items which ware costumised like colt1911 silver custom +that brings my next question -if we are able to conect whit my friend (clasic/reloaded) in 1 room we are whit the same weapons but
    he has the combat arms classic so he can buff them and i cant so he has stronger weapons than me (1vs1 scenaio) he will win (based on =skill set) +next question at some point nexon released ability like trow a granade faaaaar away like its a frisby and walk silent and prescision and rampage multykill and eagle vision +much more if my friend has them and i dont what are we doing he is gonna shot graneds from snow valey tower up-to alpha's hill house (you know not the tunel 1 but like the hill 1 behind it ) or oil rig form 1 celling to the other i remember doing this so he can snipe me using granades thats insane in the same time i cant do noting couse he is behind the container on the celing of bravo side (oil rig) its gonna be totaly unfair
    +specialist reloaded now has no specialist weapons + specialist exept for players (i have only souza) who have bought them before nexon remove them
    so my friend can flametrow minigun or crossbow(assasin) in the same time my best weapon agains him will be g36 or m416cqb he will have heal that he can place on ground (1vs1 elimination pro scenario he is invincible)+ nexon has released minigun turet in the past + head cuting mines what can i do if he had those . thats a question its game braking and a lot of players will be
    sorry for voted and can quit plaing if you make it wrong my sugestion is make it like make the clasic interface and reloaded interface of menu in game all must be equal make events or bring back the missions +i love that you paste 3 regions so any body in the world will have good conection in 1 or the other but make a filter for them if i join america region im like 300+ping make a region1/2/3 filter please regards pederafix (old old player 2009 (smile)) ps dont split the comunity long ago 1 Bulgarian khan named Kubrat sayed to his sons 1 stick easy to brake much sticks are not that easy to brake but they splited anyway now see what is Bulgaria on the map have a nice day valofe hope you make the right choise. pps sorry for my bad english i know to talk not to write good (smile)=cant make much faces


    • HUXIDE
      HUXIDE commented
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      Well said, my brother.

    • XxDani
      XxDani commented
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      we just gonna have to wait for the beta man, and let's see what happens. I dont think they will split up the game, but I am pretty sure that they will reset CA as it used to be before, keeping things like in 2013.

    • santito15
      santito15 commented
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      I return everything as before I am a veteran game since the combat came out ... and as it is now a total failure ... if it returns as before you had to fight to get your clothes and weapons ... fight is to say that it cost weapons!!! Let it be only CLASSIC and end point .... reloaded is a failure ....

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    they dont care and they dont answer.


    • pederafix
      pederafix commented
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      mhm yes lel its their problem im just sayen

    • DaLastOne
      DaLastOne commented
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      Lmfao, just because one doesn't reply to the message doesn't mean they don't see it... Give them a break they been working around the clock getting stuff for us and look how far we've gotten so far.. CBT is coming out.. Come on guys lets be grateful they are clearly listening

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    Hi guys, in my opinion the best idea to revive Combat arms is to merge:

    1 The new graphic of CA:reloaded
    2 Old interface
    3 Old shop without (Max Specs, dual, orthus etc...)
    4 Do something for incentivate people to play SnD MODE... for example create some cup to promote this game for eSports, and ok ok now u are saying something like "CA is dead and is impossible that will become a good eSport game..." , but i know and i can bet that are a lot of people and team that are waiting this moment!

    Remember... Update the game to promote the Competitive and not the PayToWin !

    Finally just copy Combat Arms Brazil that is really good atm

    See u in game guys <3



    • fiinalluck
      fiinalluck commented
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    • DiezHardzII
      DiezHardzII commented
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      I want classic specs back, I hope they will be a part of CAclassic

    • XxDani
      XxDani commented
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      I have a gaming computer and the new graphic produces continuous lags....
      I hope they will are able to fix that. Even so, if they apply a full reset to bring back CA classic what will happen to our inventory ? I think that many of us, right after the update started to sell back useless items to buy old Nx weapons with GP. Will permanent gp items be still on the shop ? Who knows...

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    Kapalı beta nezaman acilacak


    • dogan4267
      dogan4267 commented
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      das will ich auch wissen wann kommt die beta

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    I missed the old CA when everything was smooth. No delaying, ignoring, lying, and so much more BS.


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      I hope my Ar15 Double barrel come back like was on hold CA, now in reload its very very nerfed.


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        download is off


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          How come the download is off?


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            how to transfer account Cmbat arms Reloaded for Combat arms clasic....tnx


            • SoulhunterIT
              SoulhunterIT commented
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              Reading forum and not asking always same things...

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            We would also appreciate it if you transferred our inventories as well. We've spent years and multitudes of cash in order to get to where we are.


            • zeus5769
              zeus5769 commented
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              that would be really nice if they could do that